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Arts and Education

Our art programs provide the skills aspiring and established artists need to grow their careers. From master classes with experts in the art industry on improving your professional portfolio to talkbacks on improving your singing techniques with Broadway professionals, our programs offer the advantages needed to succeed in an art career.

Our education programs support professional teachers with development and training opportunities to strengthen their classroom practices and subject-area knowledge. Educators will gain various skills through self-paced and in-person workshops, from AP certification to educational technology skills.

  • Advanced Placement Summer Institute

    Each summer, the Advanced Placement Institute offers advanced placement high school teachers the opportunity to improve their skills through a series of short workshop courses for college credit or audit.

  • Instructional Technologist (IT)

    The Instructional Technologist (IT) competency-based learning pathway covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a successful IT professional. The experience offers the opportunity to engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of working in this field.
  • Learning Architect

    The Learning Architect pathway consists of 13 core competencies that cover foundational knowledge and skills that a successful learning architect needs. The competencies are grouped into thematic sets called “Tracks” —complete one successfully, and you can earn a digital badge
  • Musical Theater Intensive

    The Musical Theater Intensive is a 10-session online program offering participants an opportunity to engage with Broadway professionals through synchronous and asynchronous modalities. 
  • Certificate in Online Learning

    This certificate offers instruction on the major models, tools, and techniques in creating and delivering online learning. It reviews the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied, in practice, to online design and instruction.
  • Manhattan College TEFL Certificate Program

    Earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate from Manhattan College and gain experience in the classroom with a two-week practicum in New York City.
  • TESOL Teacher Practicum

    Hone your teaching skills and bring your newly gained knowledge of English language teaching into the Manhattan College TESOL Practicum program. In addition to your practicum hours letter, a certificate from Manhattan College will also be provided to each participan