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Nonprofit Program

Our non-profit programs introduce specialized and comprehensive skills to professionals working or seeking to work in the not-for-profit sector. Workshops in this program include non-profit accounting, financial issues, regulatory concepts, and terminology and tools requisite of the field.

  • Advanced Not-For-Profit Accounting and Reporting

    In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management. This 5-session online program (synchronous) covers complex Not-For-Profit accounting and reporting rules.

  • Nonprofit Management

    Whether you run a nonprofit and need staff training, or plan to build your own skills, these courses in nonprofit management offer a comprehensive training program in topics from volunteer development and grant writing, to fundraising and budgeting. Give your team the tools to continue your selfless work with new skills and a renewed commitment to your mission.
  • Understanding IRS Form 990 Series

    This intensive three-week course covers Form 990 series returns that are complex, little understood, confusing, or prepared incorrectly.