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NYC skylineWho We Are

We are a group of academics, environmental professionals and community partners committed to improving the quality of life in our urban communities, especially those that have been historically underserved. We have expertise in science, policy, ethics, natural history, urban planning and educational practices.


The Manhattan College Center for Urban Resilience (CURES) is dedicated to serving urban communities with a suite of research, education, restorative justice and urban planning programs designed to improve quality of life for residents, especially for those in underserved neighborhoods.

We use urban ecology to empower communities to build resilient, vibrant, and just cities through meaningful interactions with their diverse ecosystems.


  • Educate the students and public about environmental challenges and possible solutions.
  • Sustainability education.
  • Reduce environmental toxins.
  • Improve public health.
  • Promote smart planning that provides sustainable land use.
  • Promote communities and life-styles that are sustainable and affordable in the long-term.
  • Reduce Carbon footprint to affect climate change.
  • Improve recycling throughout campus.


Manhattan College CURES works with faculty, staff, students and community members to develop research and other interventions that lead to more resilient and just communities.  Our goal is to pair the study of urban ecology with local issues that can benefit from the talents and resources at College.  We support a variety of projects ranging from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teacher professional development; urban bio social research; graduate education; restorative justice; and regional climate change initiatives.

Our goals are threefold:

  1. To enhance the public understanding of urban resilience as a tool for healthy neighborhoods
  2. To forward a vigorous program of research and education
  3. To engage the public as critical stakeholders in urban policy and management

These efforts are focused on, but not limited to, historically underserved urban communities in order to hasten their recovery and advancement.

Core Values & Methods

  • To promote transformative education both on and off campus.
  • To provide a convening function that reaches out to Long Island’s civic and environmental leaders, business executives, and government officials.
  • To help students gain an understanding of how social change is accomplished, while developing their leadership skills to better serve both their future professions and the larger community, through classroom presentations and experiential learning.
  • To develop, and foster understanding and informed discussion of positive, innovative solutions to problems facing Long Island.
  • To bring a regional focus to efforts to implement concepts of sustainability.
  • To tenaciously pursue solutions which may require sustained, long-term efforts.

Steering Committee

Faculty Member


Photograph of Yelda Balkir

Yelda Hangun-Balkir

  Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Photograph of Constantine Theodosiou

Constantine Theodosiou

School of Science

Photograph of Mahbuboor Choudhury

Mahbuboor Choudhury

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

Photograph of Jeffrey Myers

Jeffrey Myers

English Department

 Photograph of Jessica Marie Wilson

Jessica Marie Wilson

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

 Photograph of Adam Arenson

Adam Arenson

History and Urban Studies Department

Photograph of Lance Evans

Lance Evans

Biology Department

Photograph of Jeff Cherubini

Jeff Cherubini

Kinesiology Department

Photograph of Pamela Chasek

Pamela Chasek

Government Department

Photograph of Dart Westphal

Dart Westphal

Urban Studies Department

Photograph of Jimena Gonzalez Ramirez

Jimena Gonzalez Ramirez

Economics and Finance Department

Photograph of Michael Judge

Michael Judge

Biology Department

Photograph of Robin Lovell

Robin Lovell

Sociology Department

Photograph of Julian Silverman

Julian Silverman

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department


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