Constantine Theodosiou

Professor, Physics

Constantine E. Theodosiou, Ph.D., joined Manhattan College as Dean of the School of Science and Professor of Physics.  He served as dean 2011-2020.  Dr. Theodosiou graduated from the University of Chicago with a doctorate in atomic physics in 1977 and a master’s degree in physics in 1973. He holds a physics and mathematics diploma from the National University of Greece.

He also served as vice provost for research, dean of the graduate school and professor of physics at Montclair State University, where he supervised all aspects of graduate education and the grant proposal process for research projects. Dean Theodosiou spent 28 years working for the University of Toledo.  There he served as interim dean of the college of graduate, associate dean for the natural sciences and mathematics in the college of arts and sciences, interim director of the Plant Science Research Center, interim director of the Lake Erie Research Center, acting chair and associate chair of physics and astronomy, director of graduate studies, and professor of physics.

Dr. Theodosiou is also a teacher and a scholar: he has prepared and taught 36 different courses and has conducted scientific research on a broad range of topics, including atomic structure and spectroscopy, electronic and atomic collisions, quantum optics and multi-photon processes, and low-temperature plasma processes. His research has been published in more than 70 journal and book articles. Other academic distinctions include: Fulbright Research Scholar at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Visiting Fellow for the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the University of Colorado, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Freiburg in Germany, research associate at Johns Hopkins University, research assistant at the University of Chicago, and research fellow at the Nuclear Research Center Democritos in Greece.


     Ph.D. Degree,   Atomic Physics, 1977, University of Chicago. Thesis Supervisor: Ugo Fano

     M.S. Degree,    Physics, 1973, University of Chicago

     Diploma/B.S., Physics & Mathematics, 1972, National University of Greece

Courses Taught

38 different courses prepared and taught over thirty years:

 At Manhattan College:

            Science Orientation Seminar (SCI 100)

            Physics of Digital Systems (PHYS 221L)

At the University of Toledo:

      Undergraduate Courses

            First Year Orientation (ARS1000)

            Natural Science (102) (1100)

            Methods of Physics (112)

            General Physics I (207, 2070)

            General Physics II (2080)

            General Physics III (209)

            General Physics for Engineers I (213, 2130)

            General Physics for Engineers II (214)

            General Physics for Engineers III (215)

            Honors Physics I, II, & III

            Distance Learning Physics for Science & Engineering Majors I (DL 2130)

            Distance Learning Physics for Science & Engineering Majors II (DL 2140)

            Atomic Physics for Engineers (307)

            Modern Physics (321)

            Atomic Physics (322)

            Nuclear Physics (323)

            Nuclear Physics Lab (385)

            Theoretical Mechanics I & II (421 & 422)

            Classical Electricity & Magnetism I & II (4230/5230 & 4240/5240)

            Introduction to Computational Physics (450, 5130)

      Graduate Courses

            Fundamentals of Modern Physics (604, 6140)

            Theoretical Mechanics (621/721, 6220/7220)

            Classical Electrodynamics I (631/731)

            Classical Electrodynamics II (632/732)

            Quantum Mechanics III (644/744)

            Computational Physics - Research (650/750, 6130/8130)

            Solid State Physics (651/751)

            Nuclear Physics (661/761)

            Atomic Physics II (672/772)

            Computational Hydrodynamics (6990)

            Physics and Astronomy Colloquium (601/801, 6010/8010)

At Drexel University:

      Undergraduate Courses

            FORTRAN Programming (N602)

            General Physics I (N706)

            General Physics II (N707)


  • Research
    • Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy
    • Electronic and Atomic Collisions
    • Quantum Optics and Multiphoton Processes
    • Atomic Photoionization
    • Rydberg States and Precision Calculation of Lifetimes
    • Computational Methods of Physics
    • Low-temperature Plasma Physics Processes
    • Molecular Spectroscopy and Nanoparticles
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy

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    10. S. T. Manson, C. E. Theodosiou, and M. Inokuti, “Spectral and electron‑collision properties of atomic ions. II. Inner shell properties,” Phys. Rev. A 43, 4688 (1991)

     Electronic and Atomic Collisions

    1. E. Theodosiou, “Electron distributions from fast e + Na collisions,” J. Phys. B 10, L233 (1977)
    2. E. Theodosiou, “Nonresonant and resonant electron distributions from fast particle collisions: Application to sodium,” Phys. Rev. A 16, 2232 (1977)
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      Quantum Optics and Multiphoton Processes

    1. Armstrong, Jr., C. E. Theodosiou, and M. J. Wall, “Interference between radiative emission and autoionization in the decay of excited states of atoms,” Phys. Rev. A 18, 2538 (1978)
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     Atomic Photoionization

    1. E. Theodosiou, “On the photoelectron angular distributions for the 4d10 subshell of cadmium,” J. Phys. B 12, L673 (1979)
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     Rydberg States and Precision Calculation of Lifetimes

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     Computational and Mathematical Methods of Physics

    1. Sosov and C.E. Theodosiou, “On the complete solutions to the Sturm-Liouville problem over a closed interval,” J. Math. Phys.  43, 2831 (2002)
    2. Sosov and C.E. Theodosiou, “A well-known physical boundary value problem for equation  requires unusual eigenfunctions” Amer. J. Phys. 72,185-189 (2004)

     Low-temperature Plasma Physics Processes

    1. Ambalanath, A. D. Compaan, J. M. Truxon, J. Gottshalk, A. Shvidky, C.E. Theodosiou, and W. Williamson, Jr. “Dynamics of a Plasma Panel Discharge:  Current Waveform and Optical Emission,” Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 471, 105 (1997)
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      between moving and stationary piezoelectric crystals
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     Molecular Spectroscopy and Nanoparticles

    1. Feliciano, S. Hu, S. Baratta, M. Popp, C.E. Theodosiou, H. D. Gafney, A. Santulli, and J. Fan, “Static Quenching of Ru(bpy)32+ by Citrate-Capped Silver Nanoparticles; Evidence for Quenching Enhancement with Increasing Aggregation,” Nanotechnology (submitted 8/2018)

    Editor of The Manhattan Scientist, Series B, Volumes 1-6, 2014-2019 (

  • Professional Experience and Memberships

    Administrative Positions

       7/2011 – 6/2020    Dean of Science, Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York

      7/2009 – 6/2011     Vice Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School, Montclair State University, NJ

       7/2007 – 9/2008     Interim Dean, College of Graduate Studies, University of Toledo, Ohio

      7/2002 – 6/2007     Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics,

                                     College of Arts & Sciences, University of Toledo

    10/2001 – 5/2002     Associate Chair of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo

      7/1997 – 6/1999     Assistant to the Dean/Faculty Intern, College of Arts & Sciences, U. Toledo

      8/1995 – 7/1997     Director of Graduate Studies, Physics & Astronomy, University of Toledo

    Acting Administrative Positions

       9/2015 – 1/2017    Chair, Department of Biology, Manhattan College, NY

       1/2011 – 6/2011    Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Montclair State University, NJ

      1/2007 – 6/2007     Director, Plant Science Research Center, University of Toledo

      2/2004 – 8/2004     Director, Lake Erie Research Center, University of Toledo

      5/2002 – 7/2002     Chair of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo

    Academic positions

      9/1981 – 6/2009     Assistant, Associate (1985), and Full (1991) Professor, University of Toledo

      9/1990 –12/1990    Visiting Professor, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece

      9/1980 – 8/1981     Visiting Assistant Professor, Drexel University

    Other positions

      4/1992 – 7/1992     Fulbright Research Scholar, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece

      9/1988 – 3/1989     Visiting Fellow, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, Univ. of Colorado

      9/1978 – 8/1980     Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, University of Freiburg, Germany

      1/1977 – 8/1978     Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University

      9/1972 –12/1976    Research Assistant, University of Chicago

      9/1971 – 7/1972     Research Fellow, Nuclear Research Center “Democritos,” Greece

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants



    Ohio Supercomputer Center grant for: “Discharge Dynamics and Spatial Structures in Dielectric Barrier Discharge Systems,C. E. Theodosiou. 10,000 units (~100,000 hrs.)


    Ohio Supercomputer Center grant for: “Acquisition of an AMD Beowulf cluster for advanced computational physics modeling,” J. G. Amar, J. E. Bjorkman, B. Gao, R. Irving, and C. E. Theodosiou.  $100,000.

    U.S. Department of Education Grant for: “UT3: Teacher Quality in Science and Mathematics,” 23 Co-PIs (including C.E. Theodosiou).  $6,019,447 for 5 years.


    NSF Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Grant for: “Ohio Science and Engineering Alliance,” 15 Co-PIs (including E. Theodosiou). $3,500,000 for 5 years.

    University of Toledo Kohler International Travel Grant; for professional travel to and graduate student recruitment in Hungary.  $1,000.  Fall 2003


    UT Program for Academic Excellence grant for: “Physics Summer Camp for High School students,” R.A. Lukaszew and C.E. Theodosiou.  $5,000


    Ohio Supercomputer Center grant for: “Acquisition of a Beowulf cluster for research/development of advanced computational physics modeling,” J.G. Amar, C. E. Theodosiou, and J.E. Bjorkman.  $90,000

    Alexander von Humoldt Stiftung, Germany.  DM 1,400.  Summer 2001

    Kohler Travel Grant for professional travel to Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Italy.  2001


    State of Ohio Technology Action Fund Grant for: “Advanced Coatings for Brighter Flat-Panel Plasma Displays,” A. Compaan, X. Deng, and C.E. Theodosiou. $85,620.   8/99 ‑ 7/01


    University of Toledo, Office of Research/OBOR Grant for: “Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Simulation of High Pressure Microdischarges.” $3,000.

    Electro Plasma Inc. Grant for: “Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Simulation of High Pressure Microdischarges.”  $5,000.  July 1998


    National Science Foundation Grant for:  “Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Simulation of High Pressure Microdischarges,” W. Williamson, Jr. and C.E. Theodosiou.  $296,166.  8/97 ‑ 7/00


    A University of Toledo Summer Faculty Research Grant for: “Accurate Theoretical Oscillator Strengths for UV Astronomy,” $5,760.  July - December 1995


    University of Toledo Undergraduate Summer Research Participation Program Grant for: “Cancellation Effects in Atomic Transition Probabilities.” $1,250.  Summer 1994


    Fulbright-Hayes Grant, April - July 1992   


    Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge Grant for: “Theoretical and Experimental studies of Ion-atom Collisions,” (with A. Sen).  $15,051.  January 1990 ‑ June 1991

    NATO Collaborative Grant on “Charge exchange to excited states and a new He laser at 323 Å,” (with Y. Komninos and C.A. Nicolaides).  BF185,000.  July 1990 ‑ July 1991     

     1988    NATO Grant to attend the NATO Advanced Study Institute on “Atoms in Strong Fields,” Kos, Greece, 1988.


    NATO Grant to attend the NATO Advanced Study Institute on “Fundamental Processes of Atomic Dynamics,” Maratea, Italy, 1987.


    A University of Toledo Summer Faculty Research Grant for: “Photoionization of excited atomic states, especially for atoms of astrophysical interest” $1,000.  January 1986 ‑ December 1986

     Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge Grant for: “Photoionization of excited atomic states, especially for atoms of astrophysical interest” $7,456.  April 1986 ‑ June 1987


    Research Corporation grant in support of the project: “Hyperspherical treatment of 'Two‑electron' Systems” $8,000.  March 1984.


    A University of Toledo Summer Faculty Research Grant for: “Hyperspherical Treatment of Alkaline Earth Atoms,” $5,550.  January 1983 ‑ December 1983


    A University of Toledo Summer Faculty Research Grant for: “Atomic Structure Calculations,” $4,700.  January 1982 ‑ December 1982


    Travel Grant from the IX International Conference on Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Seattle 1975.

    NATO Grant to attend the NATO Advanced Study Institute on “Photoionization and Other Probes of Many‑electron Interactions,” Carry‑le‑Rouèt, France 1975.


    Professional Societies

                American Physical Society

                Sigma Xi

                Sigma Pi Sigma

                Archaeological Institute of America