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5-Year and Seamless Graduate Programs

Your college education should be seamless, especially when it comes to pursuing an advanced degree. That’s why several Manhattan College graduate programs allow students to begin coursework during their senior year, and earn a master’s degree within a year of their undergraduate graduation. 

Here is the list of five-year and seamless graduate programs available at Manhattan College:

O’Malley School of Business

Business - B.S./MBA

Professional Accounting - B.S./MBA

School of Engineering

Undergraduate engineering students who have earned a 3.20 or higher cumulative GPA by the end of the first semester of their junior year are eligible to apply for a seamless master's degree program upon the recommendation of a member of the engineering faculty. After beginning graduate courses as a senior, many students are able to earn their master's degree a year after receiving their bachelor’s degree in engineering. Interested students must meet with the graduate program director of the engineering major before applying. Learn more about this option in the graduate course catalog.

The following Manhattan College graduate degree programs are available as a seamless option:

I figured out that I want to pursue a career in research. Coming to the lab every day, working on the cancer research and working on the computer making programs and everything, I learned a lot. And Dr. [George] Giakos has taught me so much as a pioneer in the bioelectrical field.

Gloria Bauman ’18, ’19 (M.S.), electrical engineering

I'm the first generation in my family to go to college and I felt very insecure about my ability to understand all of the course material. My professors definitely helped me overcome that. They were so helpful during my four years of undergrad that I felt like I could take on the challenge of graduate school. My experience in the Applied Mathematics - Data Analytics program was very different. The class size is smaller than undergraduate — like a cohort.

Katherine Encarnacion '17, Capacity and Performance Analyst at UPS

Hear from one of our 5-year graduate students:

Business: B.S./MBA

Isatou Kebbeh '18, '19 (MBA) recently graduated as a marketing major. Thanks to the five year program in the O’Malley School of Business, she's excited to continue her education at Manhattan College.