Summer Programs

The Manhattan College School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) offers a rich selection of program opportunities over the summer months. National and international students can attend these courses at our New York City campus or online.

Our summer programs serve diverse audiences, including children from six years old and up, high school students, and undergraduate and graduate students interested in spending their summer in New York City.

Explore our Summer Programs

  • Afternoon Camp

    Manhattan College is excited to offer Afternoon Camp for your child’s summer fun. The campers will enjoy the lush green environment of the Manhattan College campus to build memories that will last a lifetime.

  • English as a Second Language

    Our two-week ESL and NYC Experience includes 15 hours of classroom English language training and practice per week. English language classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced ESL instructors. Students will visit the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and other iconic cityscapes in this program, which offer eye-catching views that make for an overall unforgettable experience while also improving their English language speaking skills.

  • English For Business Communication

    This course is ideal for business professionals and students who are learning English as a second language, and are looking to improve their communication skills. For three hours per week, we will help prepare you for the job search. You will learn email communication and resume writing, as well as how to write cover letters, memos, summaries, and more. Upon completion, students will create an e-portfolio.

  • Esports and Gamers: The Business and Industry

    This certificate program is designed to explore vital areas of the esports and gamers industry while helping one grow and develop a role in the virtual industry.

  • TEFL Certificate Program

    The Manhattan College Intensive English Language Program (IELP) provides high-quality English-language instruction to speakers of other languages in order to meet their goals: Academic, professional, and personal. Instruction in reading, writing, listening, speaking, language structure, and other pertinent areas of English language acquisition are taught using the communicative method. The IELP has six levels: 001 – 006, with Level 006 being the highest level.

  • Language Camp

    The Manhattan College Language Camp offers young students the opportunity to learn a language of their choosing in a supportive setting.

  • Learning Skills for K-12

    The Manhattan College Learning Skills for K-12 provides young learners from kindergarten to 12th-grade math, science, reading, chess, cooking, and writing support.
  • Summer Day Camp

    The Manhattan College Summer Day Camp is a great STEAM program for children ages 6-12 that engages their interests and creativity. The program runs from Monday to Friday.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Camp Online

    During this three week program, participants will develop a business venture starting with an idea and ending with an actual product or service.