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Online Non-Credit Programs

Bring the program to you and learn by using your computer.

Be a lifelong learner from your own home with online professional programs at Manhattan College. Advance your career, upskill your abilities, or pursue your passion with Manhattan College’s wide selection of online non-credit programs. Programs range from finance and public affairs to performing arts and photography for individuals of any age or experience. Select online courses that you can take at your own pace or meet with like-minded learners remotely. We are dedicated to an online experience that fits your lifestyle and your learning style.

These courses and certificates do not provide credits towards Manhattan College undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Choose The Online Program That Is Right For You!

We offer two categories of online programs, synchronous live sessions, and asynchronous self-paced programs.

Synchronous Courses (live sessions)

Synchronous learning allows you to learn in real-time. In these courses, the teacher and student are connected online at the same time and interact in real-time. Students are expected to be available on a specific day and time to meet with the faculty or their coursemates to work on the learning goals and objectives of the course.

Asynchronous Courses (self-paced)

For asynchronous learning, you do not need to be available in real-time. Courses are conducted through email, chat, discussion forums, and more. Students are expected to complete readings, interact with faculty and peers through communication and collaboration technologies, watch videos, and complete surveys and quizzes. Students can take these programs at their own pace within a set timeframe. 

  • Requirements

    Students taking online and remote courses are expected to meet the following technical requirements to ensure the success of their academic experience.


    Students should have a desktop computer or laptop with following:

    • An up-to-date operating system, e.g.,Windows 10 (PC) or MacOS 10.15 or higher
    • A built-in camera or external webcam 
    • Built-in or external microphone and speakers. Headphones with a built-in microphone is strongly recommended.

    Some non-credit SCPS programs may be successfully completed using mobile devices, please speak to your advisor for more information. 

    Internet Access 

    Students should have a dedicated broadband internet connection, e.g., DSL, cable, and an updated internet browser, such as the most recent Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


    Some of our programs require you to submit papers, project summaries, and presentations to demonstrate learning and knowledge. To meet this requirement students should have access to various productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office or iWork. If you need Microsoft Office, the College provides access to Office 365 free of charge. You may also need a PDF viewer or media player to access course readings and multimedia. Please speak to your advisor for more information about your specific program.

    College Sponsored Technologies

    As a student at Manhattan College, you have access to several learning platforms, including the Google Suite for Education, e.g., Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, and Google Calendar, and the Moodle Learning Management System. Before the start of your courses, it is highly recommended that you review the following resources provided by the ITS Help Desk.

    G Suite Documentation
    Moodle Student Guide

    If you have any questions concerning the College’s online and remote delivery technologies, you can contact the Manhattan College ITS Help Desk at (718) 862-7973 or

Click on a link below to view complete course descriptions for our online offerings.
  • Online Synchronous Programs (live sessions)
    • Advanced Not-For-Profit Accounting and Reporting

      This online program covers complex Not-For-Profit accounting and reporting rules. Upon completion of this program, participants will learn the nuanced differences, treatment, and reporting of conditional, restricted, and unrestricted contributions and government grants.

    • English as a Second Language (ESL)

      Our ESL program includes 15 hours of online English language training and practice per week. English language classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced ESL instructors.

    • Esports and Gamers: The Business and Industry

      This online certificate program is designed to explore vital areas of the esports and gaming industry. Students in this program will gain a foundational understanding of the esports industry and learn from industry professionals in the field. 

    • Musical Theater Intensive

      The Musical Theater Intensive is a 10-session online program that offers participants an opportunity to interact with Broadway professionals in a synchronous and asynchronous modality.  During the program, participants have an opportunity to engage with professional instructors for ten 90-minute live sessions.

    • Not-For-Profit Financial Management and Reporting

      This certificate program provides training in nonprofit financial accounting, management concepts and principals, and reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations.  The program covers a wide range of concepts specific to the operations of nonprofit organizations. 

    • One-on-One Tutoring Online

      The Manhattan College One-on-One Tutoring Online program provides young learners from kindergarten to 12th-grade tutoring in math, science, reading, writing, chess. This program offers support for class projects and more.

    • Online Intensive English Language Program (IELP) Courses

      Manhattan College IELP Online courses are available throughout the year.  These courses will improve students’ English writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in order to prepare them for meeting their academic and personal goals. IELP Online courses are intensive, holistic, communicative, and challenging. Focus areas are academic writing and presentation skills.
    • Online Summer STEAM Camp

      The Manhattan College Online Summer STEAM Camp is a great way to enhance your STEAM skills, working directly with our counselors and your friends online, at any location you feel most comfortable. Campers will be engaged all day long through a variety of exciting learning-based activities. 

    • Test Preparation Programs

      Take any of our discounted online programs to prepare for tests such as GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, or GED

    • Youth Entrepreneurship Camp Online

      Students in this program will design and develop their own business ventures, At the conclusion of this course, students will take away an actual product or service that they could continue to develop and promote. Students will learn how to identify a business problem or need, define a service audience, assess their competition, and brand their company.
  • Online Asynchronous Programs (self-paced)
    • AEM®/CEM® Prep Course (U.S. version)

      This course is designed for emergency management professionals seeking the AEM/CEM credential. It assists learners through applying, offers essay writing tips, and primarily reviews key terms and concepts for the AEM/CEM exam.

    • Agile Project Management

      The program introduces the learner to methodologies, practices, and key concepts of Agile. It enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on an Agile team.

    • Artificial Intelligence (Introduction)

      This course introduces learners to artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and trends. This course gives learners an understanding of how AI can be leveraged to keep organizations competitive and understand the ethical issues associated with AI.

    • Blockchain for Managers

      This course is useful for managers looking to understand blockchain and how technology can apply to their business. Assignments will delve into critical parts of blockchain as well as the impact of blockchain on vertical industries.

    • Branding (Personal Branding)

      The importance of having a strong personal brand is growing as the employer’s first impressions occur online. This course will help build your brand by gaining new experiences, new knowledge and skills, and expanding your circle of relationships.

    • Building a Fast-Growing Business 

      Growing a business takes time, hard work, and skill. This course is based on Inc Magazine’s award-winning journalistic content. It features practical, experience-based assignments that will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the skills necessary to navigate a growing business.

    • Business Analysis (Introduction)

      This course provides a wide-ranging overview of the principles and concepts of business analysis. This course focuses on needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements tracking and monitoring, and solution evaluation.

    • Business Communications

      This certificate teaches learners how to craft many of the most common business communication formats: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs, and websites. This program will help create workplace documents that inform and persuade. 

    • Career Building

      This course helps learners design an effective resume, cover essential interviewing skills and preparation. This course focuses on preparing the learner for any interview. 

    • Conflict Management

      This certificate in Managing Change and Resolving Conflict covers the key issues and best practices for managers dealing with hostile situations in the workplace. This program is suitable for current managers and those advancing in the management ranks.

    • Creativity & Innovation

      Organizations need employees who can channel their creativity and innovation toward organizational challenges and goals. This certificate program helps learners become reacquainted with their own stores of creativity and innovation. Learners are given the tools to grasp their creativity to solve organizational problems.

    • Cybersecurity & CISSP®

      The amount of data being stored continues to increase; the need for cybersecurity is greater than ever. This certificate offers lessons on the critical elements of information security and foundational information about key certifications for industry professionals.

    • Data Analytics

      This certificate program provides an overview of topics in statistics and their applications in a variety of fields. Learners are exposed to quantitative decision-making tools and techniques, which tie into real-world case studies.

    • Digital Marketing

      This digital marketing certificate is aligned with the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) standards to ensure that it is comprehensive and relevant. This certificate covers strategic issues, marketing methods and tactics, industry terminology, and best practices.

    • Emergency Management in the U.S. (Introduction)

      Emergency managers play an increasingly vital role. This course is designed for learners who are studying emergency management for the first time, preparing for a new career or job role in emergency management, or seeking to refresh their knowledge of foundational concepts.

    • Emerging Technologies for Managers Certificate

      This certificate program addresses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Learners will become knowledgeable about how each technology affects business processes and how each contributes to the future of labor. 

    • Entrepreneurship

      This certificate program introduces key issues in entrepreneurship for those looking to start a business on their own. Learners who complete this course will have the answer to essential questions to lead to their business's success.

    • Fast Company: Future-Proofing Your Career

      This course will help professionals across all industries future-proof their careers by focusing on key skills in communication, creativity and innovation, design thinking, networking, and personal branding. 

    • Finance Essentials

      This course introduces non-financial managers to the essentials of finance.  This program helps learners become fluent in critical financial terminology and calculations for key financial management indicators.

    • Global Business Professional (CGBP)

      The North American Small Business International Trade Educators (
      NASBITE) Certified Global Business Professional program certifies that a candidate is competent in four primary areas or domains: Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Trade Finance. This suite of courses provides an overview of essential skills for conducting international business.

    • HR Management

      An effective human resource management strategy is a valuable asset to any company. This program teaches the elements of managing the benefits and policies that support effective staff.

    • Instructional Technologist (LX Pathways)

      The Instructional Technologist (IT) competency-based learning pathway covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a successful IT professional. The experience offers the opportunity to engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of working in this field.

    • Leadership

      Based on D. Quinn Mills' book,
      Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, the courses in this suite offer advice on leadership that can help you stand out as a leader among your peers. The course discusses how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.

    • Leadership for Women in Business Certificate

      This certificate explores both the social and psychological mechanisms that create challenges that professional women often face. Topics covered include leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language.

    • Learning Architect (LX Pathways)

      If you are dedicated to improving and enhancing accessible education options for adult learners—and you like the idea of working with team members and faculty to accomplish this—then consider exploring the Learning Architect pathway. Learning architects bring special expertise to the curation and creation of online course materials.

    • LEED Green Building

      This program discusses key concepts and terms to prepare learners to earn their LEED Green Associate v4 accreditation.

    • Managing Remote Employees

      This course explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workers stay connected and motivated.

    • Networking

      Networking is an essential skill at all stages of your career.  This course provides an overview of how to make effective professional connections and cultivate relationships that can help over the course of your career. 

    • Nonprofit Management, Budgeting, Fundraising

      This certificate program introduces learners to key current management issues for non-profit organizations. It includes training in nonprofit financial accounting, management concepts and principals, and reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations.

    • Online Learning

      Creating effective online learning courses and simulations can be a challenge. This certificate offers instruction on the major models, tools, and techniques in creating and delivering online learning.

    • Operations Management

      This course explores the fundamental concepts and theories practitioners will need to successfully guide operations in manufacturing and service organizations. Specific tools, techniques, and methodologies are taught to show applicability to operational strategies.

    • Personal Growth

      This course aims to help learners combat the struggles of stress in the workplace by focusing on the skills that can help them grow in their professional and personal lives by focusing on soft skills.

      Robotics as a Business Investment

      This course introduces many of the concepts and metrics for management to consider when evaluating whether an investment in robotics is the right operation decision.

    • Security Awareness

      The Security Awareness Online Training teaches employees to identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. This comprehensive training spans the facets of security awareness from in-office to remote security, email to phishing attacks, malware to ransomware, cloud to social media, and more.

    • Six Sigma & Lean

      Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep course describes the strategies, techniques, and concepts practitioners will need to effectively prepare for the MindEdge Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.

    • Small Business Management Certificate

      Owners of small businesses often play many roles and must have a wide body of knowledge. This certificate provides learners with a fundamental understanding of the most critical areas in small business management.

    • Sustainable Management

      A sustainable business generates profits for its owners, protects the environment, and improves people's lives. This certification program covers key topics involving sustainable business, such as recognizing and implementing best practices for sustainable efforts.

    • Web Design Certificate

      The courses in this program will introduce you to the basics of designing a functional and attractive site, the HTML and CSS languages you'll need to execute your design, and best practices for designing and building a website that responds intelligently to the needs of users.

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