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Intellectual Property (IP)

What You Must Know as a Student, Entrepreneur, or Business Leader

Intellectual Property (IP) is incredibly important for today’s organizations and plays a central role in the global economy.

This course will provide a foundational understanding of all types of Intellectual Property, what protection it provides, and for how long. With the knowledge from this workshop, you will be able to leverage IP to both protect your work from competitors and to realize and avoid potential pitfalls.

By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of IP law, making you an even greater asset to your team and organization.

This program is offered synchronously online and in-person.

  • Who is this program designed for?
    • Undergraduate students interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves and/or those seeking to acquire IP rights for their personal and professional work, or those who may be working for companies where IP is integral, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
    • Graduate students who are or will be in leadership positions need to know how IP can impact their role and business. MBA students will also want to understand how IP impacts their field and organization in addition to how IP affects the commercial market, such as stock prices and company valuations.
    • Intellectually curious entrepreneurs looking to understand how a patent or trademark is filed and/or to know the steps to be taken in starting a business.


To receive your certificate, students must complete the following modules:

Patents: This module is the first and largest of the course. In this module, you will learn the basics, such as what a patent is, how long a patent lasts, how a patent is enforced, and what the patent approval process is in the United States and Internationally. These basics include what a patent can protect and the differences between Utility, Design, and Plant patents.

After these basics, you will learn what is needed to apply for a patent, including what types of Inventions can be patented, how an invention is described, and how different does an invention have to be from what has been done before.

Trade Secrets: The second module covers trade secrets. This includes what they are, what they can protect, and what they cannot protect. This module will describe what is needed to protect a trade secret and why trade secrets are so important to businesses in varied technical sectors.

Trademarks: The third module covers trademarks, what a trademark is, how long they last, and what can be trademarked as opposed to what cannot. This discussion highlights why trademark protection is so important and describes how you can get trademark protection for your business and product. To receive federal trademark protection, you must apply for it, so this module will include an overview of the trademark application and approval process. This application and approval process will be demonstrated with a hypothetical product name.

Copyrights: Lastly, the fourth module covers copyrights, what is a copyright, how long do they last, and what are the limitations on what can be protected and what cannot. This module includes a discussion of why copyright protection is so important for many businesses and individuals, as well as an overview of the process for applying for copyright protection. All attendees will be encouraged to apply for any copyrightable work they have authored so that work can be Registered and marked with a “©”.

Dates in 2023

September 18, 19, 20, 25, and 26, all from 5:30 pm-9 pm



For information, group rates, and registration, email