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Executive Programs

Our executive programs are designed in one to two week intervals and are targeted for those who aspire to be a business professional and those who currently are one. The Manhattan College Executive Programs prepare you to embrace the risks and opportunities that accompany new leadership roles. Content-wise, we focus on improving the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective leader in today's business world. Throughout the program you will learn how to communicate complex information, defend your decisions, and learn what it takes to motivate a diverse workforce. In the process, you will transform your leadership approach and optimize your potential to stay on the fast track throughout your career. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a non-credit certificate that verifies your participation in the Manhattan College Executive Program.


Being able to communicate in English gives you the confidence to realize your potential and achieve your goals. In today's global market, professionals all over the world need to have the ability to communicate successfully in English speaking business situations. The world is becoming more interconnected every day, with the ability to communicate with anyone at any time, the only obstacle left is language. Through Manhattan College’s Executive Programs, you will be able to enhance your English and business skills seamlessly.


Manhattan College’s Executive Management Programs take a strategic and a global approach to every aspect of creating, managing and leading teams. Great teams can stimulate creativity and innovation, make an organization more adaptive to market forces, and drive breakthrough results. These programs allow participants to receive in depth training on what it takes to become a successful manager and/or how to deal with conflict in a leadership position.

Communication/Public Speaking

 In the Manhattan College Executive Communication/Public Speaking program you’ll learn how to identify your passions, tell your story, speak with conviction, transform nerves into natural energy, and articulate what you really want to say. Upon completion of this program, you will learn to be comfortable, confident and relaxed in any business and personal public speaking situation. This program will craft you into the stage ready speaker you always dreamed of being.


This hand-on program will develop the high level skills necessary for all areas of finance. Through site visits and role playing activities participants will discuss how to generate wealth, control spending and how to make sound investments in stocks and bonds. Being part of this program will allow participants increase their finance and business professional network and make more informative decisions for any organization you work for.

For more information on our executive programs contact our Director, Edgar Zavala at


**Note: You must have a valid U.S. travel (B1/B2) visa in order to sign up for this program.**