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College is often a time of transition and self-examination. We encourage students of all religious backgrounds and traditions to explore and deepen their spirituality by having the opportunity to worship.


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is an integral symbol of the Catholic, Lasallian community that exists on our campus.   Although Mass is not offered everyday, members of the community are also welcome to attend the Eucharist at our local parish, St. John - Visitation Church.  There are many other opportunities on campus for evangelization, catechesis, and formation at prayer services, Scripture Study, RCIA classes, various student ministries, community service, Lasallian Collegians, lectures, spiritual direction, retreats, and clubs.

Campus Mass Schedule


5:00pm (Vigil Mass on Saturday at St. John-Visitation Church)

8:30am (St. John-Visitation Church)

10:00am (St. John-Visitation Church – Spanish)

11:30am (St. John-Visitation Church)

1:00pm (St. John-Visitation Church – Spanish)

7:30pm (Manhattan College – Chapel of DeLaSalle and His Brothers)

Weekday (Monday-Thursday)

12:15pm (Manhattan College – Chapel of the Holy Infancy)

Weekday (Friday-Saturday)

12:15pm (St. John-Visitation Church)

Our chapels are the center of campus life.  The Chapel of DeLaSalle and His Brothers is the main chapel and is located on the second floor of Squeri Hall.  The Chapel of the Holy Infancy is a smaller chapel and is located on the second floor of Memorial Hall.  The Chapel of St. Benilde is located at Christian Brothers Center.  The St. John - Visitation Church is located at 3021 Kingsbridge Avenue and is a welcoming parish for our students.

Other Religious Traditions

Manhattan College prides itself on inclusion and welcome for students of all religious traditions.  The shared beliefs and customs of our students make our entire community stronger.  Students from non-Catholic faith traditions are encouraged to visit Campus Ministry and Social Action (Miguel 209) with ideas about how to include their religious traditions into our programming.


  • Jummah Prayer, led by an Imam, takes place every Friday in the Kelly Commons 3C Meeting Room, a non-denominational prayer space.  Students of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to visit the space for quiet meditation or worship.   
  • High Holy Day Services of Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, and Kol Nidre are offered at the Riverdale Temple, 4545 Independence Avenue, Riverdale, NY. Tickets are required but free. Please contact or call (718) 548-3800 to obtain tickets. CMSA can assist with more information, or transportation to Temple. 

Religious Services Calendar

More Information

Visit the Inside Manhattan website for more information about religious services and worship opportunities on campus for current Manhattan College students.

Campus Ministry & Social Action Website