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Parents Fund Donors

Class of 2023


Christine P. ’88 and Timothy G. ’88 Corrigan *


Susanna K. ’92 and Stephen A. ’92 Jalkut **

Kerry Quinn ’93 and Joseph A. Peraglia ’90 **

Leadership Group

Tara and Curt Hapward *

Cupola Club

Tracy and Robert M. Adams *
John Cubala
Denise and Kristopher Gucwa

Patricia and James Lyons
Kate and Scott McCoy

Quad Club

Daniel Cwik *
Stephen and Kathleen Jaffe

Lisa M. and Michael Rende
Georgia and Peter Vrankovic

1853 Society

Judith V. and Michael Buckley, Jr. **
Nancy J. ’90 and Brian T. ’83 Carey *
Shaun Mahoney
Kelly and Francesco Marinelli
Annette and Mario Montoni *
Kristina and Jason D. Nickerson
Michelle and Brian Shanley
Geraldine T. ’87 and Daniel R. Taylor

Jasper Oval

Jean and John Bagdonas
Delphine and William Barron

Kathleen M. ’91 and Brian J. ’91 Cahill
Milagros Castro
Gerard Dalton
Jennifer and Sean Doherty
Mary and Gene Durocher
Deborah Erosa and Monserrate Badillo

James J. Fernandes
Gregory Gercich *
Christopher C. Gunsel *
Laura and Joshua Hammond
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy **

Imelda Hernandez
Linda and William Holly

John McKee
Keisuke Motoki
Danyu Ni and Jian Guang Zheng
Margaret and Jeffry Nielsen
Charles Paylor
Henry Ricardo

Jonna and Richard Solimine
Janine Taglang-Visnov and Michael Visnov

Charles Taibi
Nancy and Louis F. ’87 Uffer ***
Gary Zimmerman *
Kurt Zuidema


Edward Barrett
Michelle and James Burns
Katie and John Farley
Sarah Fitzsimmons Holzman and

Jason Fitzsimmons
Douglas Hise *
Michael Lavelle *
James McCarthy
Mary G. and Ralph Travaglini

Class of 2024


Charlotte and Charles Hogan *

Lasallian Society

Kathleen and George Fraser *
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
Bethanne and Michael Sheehan

Leadership Group

Desiree and Mark Bowler
Eliane and Vanderlei Carvalho

Cupola Club

Mary and Thomas A. ’88 Byrnes ***
MaryAnn and James Duffy

Quad Club

Fatima D. deCarvalho-Gianni ’93 and John Gianni *
Sylvia Ge and Guobing Chen
Jovita and Robert M. Geraci
Zarine and Michael Meyer
Mary Mullin and Dennis Pousak

Eva and Vincent A. ’20 Siefert

1853 Society

AnniMaria and Matthew Babel
Susan and Christopher O’Neill
Elizabeth Perez and Mark Gueci

Brie and Jason Pfannenbecker
Kathleen and Kenneth Smith

Jasper Oval

Teresa and Cristobal Alarcon
Lisa A. Brown ’86 and Robert Share ***

Kelli Cochran-Barram and Michael D. Barram
Maureen and Patrick Colgan *
Susan and William J. ’89 Connors
Patricia and Joseph Derrico
Marie and Joseph DiMarco

Lisa Donovan
Kathleen and James ’84 Fallon *
Ling Fang and Tianzhu Zheng
Eileen and John Flood
Lisa and Patrick J. ’96 Gately *
Alison and Thomas F. Gencarelli
Dolores Glenn *
Cara and Adam Griffin
Erina and Louis Guilfoil
Teresa and Craig Haft
Maria Hernandez-Caiazzo and Frank Caiazzo

Maureen Kennedy-Antonellis and Michael Antonellis
Cynthia and Michael Lehr

Kelly and Vincenzo Occhipinti
Marisel Pena and Vladimir Lee
Miranda and Igor Pesa *
Anne L. Peterson
Diane and David Rasa
Sally and James Rienzo

Christine and Israel Santos
Lisa and Darryl Ware


Susan and Peter Dillon
Patricia Donahue *
Madeline and Charles ’93 Grindstaff

Patricia and Steven Macias
Keri and Thomas Moore
Aylin Ozturk
Alessandra Zullo Casale and
Giuseppe Casale *

Class of 2025


Carissa and Robert Morris

Lasallian Society

Erin and Phillip Barlag
Ageliki Soursos-Maniscalco and
Joseph Maniscalco ’96

Leadership Group

Jane A. and Christopher B. Crane

Cupola Club

Colleen and David Ash

Quad Club

Suzanne D. ’90 and Anthony Castellano
Kathleen and Frank Cruthers, Sr.
Keiko and Justin Fappiano
Lauren and Gregory Hoag

Frank Maro
Noureen W. ’96 and Keith J. McPartland *

Renee and Andrew W. ’88 Schweigardt ***
Patricia and Daniel Scully

1853 Society

Anne G. ’87 and Christopher Coglianese **
Maria and Antonio DaSilva
Adriana and Anthony ’90 Dusovic ***

Sharon and Gerald Falotico
Lisa and John Hiner
Christine and James Moran
Melissa and Daniel O’Connor
Sarah and Joel Perez
Jennifer and Asher Provda
Ruth and Jesus Ruiz
Geraldine T. ’87 and Daniel R. Taylor

Helen and Stephen L. White ***

Jasper Oval

Francine and Steven Brennan
Rosina and Anthony Ciampa
Elizabeth A. ’92 and Anthony Commisso *

Kathileen and John Cunniffe
Susan M. ’94 and William Delaney

AnneMarie and Andrew DePippo
Patricia and Joseph Derrico
Stella and Adam DuPree
James J. Fernandes
Jean and Brian Gield
Aimee and Patrick Hunnewell
Cathereen and Alan Javate
Jennifer and Kevin McCarthy
Amy and Lawrence Metzger *

Dulce and Wayne J. Nadorf
Liza Omalde-Yap and Venerando Yap

Helen and Erik Renda
Joanne and Adam Schneider

Vijulet and Spend Selimaj
Ann Marie and Maurizio Taormina
Karla A. ’96 and Michael P. ’91 Ward *
Najia and Ray Yip


Sarah D. and Jeffrey D. Bair
Renee and Nicholas Carparelli
Dina B. ’88 and Laurence Colavito

Diane E. DeMilia 
Laurie and John M. Flanagan
Kathleen and Kevin Keane
Elizabeth Lattimore
Olimpia and Luigi V. ’94 Marcoccia

Suzanne and Paul Martin

Class of 2026


Danielle Garza and Jesus Alva


Stephanie and Matthew J. ’83 Bonney *

Lasallian Society

Dana and Michael Schafer

Dawn and Scott Shelko

Leadership Group

Marcy J. and Michael L. Stober

Cupola Club

Corinne F. and Darren J. Weir

Julie Williams and Kyle Emmons

Quad Club

Kristen and Scott Bulkley
Theresa and Jason Cianciolo
Janet and John Hansen
Adrianne and Andrew Johnstone

Kimberly and Martin Kiseloski
Melanie and Kirk Knowlton
Lucia Orellana and Norbert Espada

Suzanne A. and Joshua Plue

1853 Society

Julie and Peter J. Addonizio
Roslyn and Nelson Bermudez
Melissa and David Birbeck
Michele P. Eaton
Christina Garbinski
Colleen and Timothy M. ’87 Lazarus **

Sara and William Maher
Marcelina and Michael McCabe

Rodina and Macario Padre *

Jasper Oval

Jacqueline and Carlos Acevedo
Bernardina Braca and Manuel Bermeo
Margaret Bryant and Timothy J. Peabody
Stephanie and Robert Budelman, III
Leah and Peter Canale
Christine Conde-Cartagena and Abelardo
Nataliya Decheva and Daniel Sheeri

Elaine P. and Peter Egan
Jennifer Feliz ’97 and Francisco Ovalles

Rajmonda and Muharrem Hasanpapa
Lily Ho Torres Malincovich and Joseph Leonard
Joan Kane
Amy and Mike Klossner
Ana and Philip Kunzler
Joan and Lawrence LaBrec
Cynthia and Michael Lehr
Diana and Gregory A. ’79 Lockwood
Petrina and Michael Loughran
Theresa A. and Robert ’94 Lucas ***
Beth and Glenn N. Noble
Brendan O’Donnell
Lisa and Robert Packen
Lisa Raigosa-Cahueque and Jose Cahueque

Kim and Brian Rattigan
Eliane and Scott Salzberg
Rosa M. Sambula
Pablo F. Saravia
Margaret and Gregory Schiffer

Michelle-Marie ’98 and Gregory ’99 Shaw, Jr.
Jennifer Vivolo-Carsen and Adam Carsen
Catherine Watson and Andrew Langberg
Kevin White


Jennifer and Michael DeMelfi
Jeffrey Eaton
Maria and Dale Hill

Alessandra Zullo Casale and Giuseppe Casale *

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian Society = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased