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Employees, Friends and Parents of Alumni


Mary Ann Avella *** T
Edward Bastian
Frances Broderick ***
Raymond Broderick *** +
Steven and Alexandra Cohen
Maureen and William N. ’75 Dooley *** T
Gail A. and Fredric ’77 Marro *** T
Mary Ellen and Anthony J. ’74 Scala, Jr. *** T
Michael Wirth


Barbara Cain +
Robert Cambria
Gregory Connolly
Genevieve and Thomas P. Houlihan ***
Judy and John G. Houlihan ***
Patricia and James J. Houlihan ***
Rachel Kohler and Mark Hoplamazian
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Patricia McArdle
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy ***
Teresita M. and Melchor L. Pablo ***
George R. Roberts


Thomas Baltimore
Cheryle E. Campbell
Margaret Griffin ***
Colleen Griffin Wagner ***
Edward and Noreen A. ’87 Krall ** T
Grace and John Leahy ***
Angela P. ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark ***
Tracy E. McPhaden **
Joan Moran ***
Stephen J. Paluszek
Juliette White ***


Julie-Anne K. and Charles Bernroth ***
Carol Ann Branchi
Elizabeth Brennan *
Virginia Brooks ***
Michele Buck
Patricia Connors
Jane M. Cullen ***
Patricia R. and Christopher DePhillips
Corine and Thomas Fitzpatrick, Sr. ***
Jean Gregory
Mary and William A. ’67 Harkins ***
Sarita and Jitendra Hirani ***
Jacqueline M. ’92 and Moujalli ’81 Hourani ***
Andree and Harvey R. Kelly, III
Eileen F. and John P. ’55 Lawler *** TE
Joseph W. Lowry ’73 ***
Arlene and Reuben Mark
Denise McCool **
Sheila M. McGurrin
Joanne O’Malley *
Marianne and Gerard P. ’69 O’Reilly **
Lorraine Russell *
Gerry Ryan
Kevin Shevlin
Patricia M. and John J. Stack **
Carol Sutton Lewis and William M. Lewis, Jr.
Debra and Nicholas F. ’79 Tommasino *
Diane and James R. Weldon ***
Maria W. Zazzera ’78 ***
Debby Ziering
Joseph A. Zock ***
Robert A. Zock, Jr. ***


Joanne Api
Lisa M. and Russell W. Broderick ***
Mary and Charles V. Callan ***
Mary Lou and Timothy W. ’70 Carr
Robert B. Catell
Barbara A. and Michael P. ’68 Cesa ***
Marie E. and Donald E. ’71 Christopher ***
James J. Dunne, III
Brendan Elliott
Leann and Mitchell C. Fane
Virginia A. Gortych-Barnes ’81 and Frederick J. Barnes ’81 ***
Carolyn and John M. ’78 Kirrane, Sr. ***
Margaret and William Klesse
Ann and Francis J. ’56 Klocke ***
Dora S. Lee ***
Rochelle and Robert Light
Patricia ’80 and Robert S. ’80 Lowenwirth **
Madelyn and Frank N. ’57 Medici ***
Maryanne Miller * T
Agnes Murray Walker
Maureen C. Rafferty
Victoria A. Scala Cornish ’10 ***
Carlo A. Scissura
Patricia and Dominick M. Servedio ***
Joan and Mark C. ’78 Sheeran ***
Vera T. and Edward J. Singer *
Anya Taylor **
Joan and Robert Vizza *


Michelle Bell
John Bletsas
Catherine Clifford *
Christine and William Clyde ***
Sara W. Cowan *
Ellen A. Del Colle ***
Anna Maria ’82 and Agostinho M. ’82 DePinho *
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman **
Frederick G. Ferraro ’74 **
Joan Greulick and Thomas W. Byron
Elizabeth and Brian ’71 Hansbury ***
Eric Hirani
Veronica C. and Raymond W. ’63 Kelly **
Karen Laino Giannuzzi
Nadine Malone
Catherine and William T. ’67 Marshall, Jr. *** FT
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
John J. McCarthy
Patricia Moore *
Mary and Thomas J. ’56 Mulligan ***
Theresa P. ’75 and Thomas F. ’60 Perna ***
Sara and Stephen Rosen
Karin E. and James Ryan
Gregory J. Sexton ’82 **
Gertrude and Thomas J. Smith
Alison and Stephen S. ’89 Stone ***
Rita and Christopher J. ’51
Sweeney, Sr. ***
Peter Waters
Nancy A. and Raymond ’79 Watroba, Jr. ***
Christopher P. Wright

Leadership Group

Kristine and Daniel R. ’80 Amoruso ***
Marie Z. and Donald J. ’59 Amoruso, Sr. ***
Marie and Richard T. ’62 Brand ***
Jeanette ’87 and Keith C. Brown
Elizabeth and Paul J. Choquette, Jr. ***
Rosemary Christoff Dolan
Ellen B. Devey **
Doris Ehner
Victoria Fischer
Kathleen M. and Edward F. ’60 Gentner ***
Amy Kaplan and David A. Brauner *
Dolores and Walter J. ’59 Klausmann ***
Janice and John L. ’63 Kmetzo **
Barbara and George T. ’73 Knapp ***
Robert A. Mahan ***
Karen and Matthew McManness *
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98 **
Helene and Frederick M. ’87 Pacher **
Patricia A. Paluszek-Dimmling and Rudy A. Dimmling
Christopher Rahey **
Christine K. and Michael L. Rogers ***
Martin W. Ronan, Jr. ’59 *** FT
Jared Rothmann
Jeanette C. ’82 and John Barry Ryan ***
Steven Sadiker *
Joan and William J. ’60 Schneider, Sr. ***
Deirdre and Brendan J. ’85 Spillane ***
Kerry and Peter Wright *

Cupola Club

Judith Alger *
Cory Blad
Robin B. and Mark Bright
Thomas Broderick
Lynne P. Brown TE
Justine D. Butz
Mary Jane and Thomas A. ’63 Byrnes ***
Nancy and Thomas Clemente
Lisa and Timothy Clifford **
Craig Collins
Michael Cooney
Shelley and Kevin Courtney **
John M. Curran
Timothy Doran
Barbara A. Fabe ***
Kevin J. Farley ’75 ***
Frank G. Fusaro
Albina Gaudino *
Jerri F. and Mark T. Gerard
Mary and Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr. *
Ann and Chad Grinnell **
Stacie F. and Walter F. ’73 Heinemann
Frank S. Henry
Nancy Hunt
Kerri A. Inman **
Anne Iskrant
Jeanne B. ’83 and Paul J. ’84 Knudsen ***
Mark Krueger
Caroline Laumann
Eleanor C. and Richard E. Leslie
John Leylegian
Aileen Lowry Farrelly ’95 and John Farrelly ***
John K. Lyden ***
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter **
Rori E. ’08 and Michael J. ’08 Martello
Barbara and Daniel J. ’69 McLoughlin *
William J. Merriman ’73
James F. Munsell ***
Maureen Murnane ***
Patricia Nee ’81 and John J. O’Keefe ’80 *
John Odierna
Therese O’Hara Krebs and Glenn Krebs
Cornelius J. O’Leary ’60 ***
Gerald B. Olszewski
Peggy and Thomas ’80 O’Malley ***
John L. Paluszek ’55 *** TE
Matthew J. Paluszek
Maureen A. and Christopher J. Paluszek
Jane G. and William A. Petzold ***
Carol and Robert D. ’71 Rampino ***
Linda and James J. ’84 Reidy ***
Linda M. Roach ***
Arleen A. Roche **
Claudine and Sean Ryan
Roya F. Sedighian ’95 and Mohammad Naraghi
Lisa and Matthew Siracuse
Molly and Andrew Snyder
Lorraine Thelian
Joan and Robert V. ’56 Thomann *
Jeffrey Weil ***
John F. Wright

Quad Club

Mehnaz Afridi
Elizabeth Anlstadt-Byrne and Gerald P. Byrne ’72 *
Dianne E. and Larry E. Bach
Christopher Baldi **
Thomas V. Barnett
Melanie and Michael Baudille
MaryAnn A. and Kenneth E. ’62 Brown
Br. Frank G. Byrne, FSC *** T
Virginia Cabrera and Miguel A. Cuevas ’83
Ellen S. Cacciapaglia ’79 ***
Emily Callan
Krystyn L. ’98 and Richard ’97 Carbonaro **
Catherine F. and David L. Cary
Alanna Chesney-Manz
Elizabeth and John P. ’73 Cifu ***
Fr. Thomas E. Collins
Deborah J. and Edward E. Conway, Jr. ’78
Mary Jo Crino
Thomas Cristello ***
Madeleine and Dennis Durkin
Francine and Stephen J. ’87 Fabrizi ***
Patricia Faverio
Donna and Thomas Febbraio
Daniel Fitzgerald
Robert Flaherty
Br. Francisco Florez, FSC
Mary R. Fogarty ’86 and Michael E. Pagano ’88 ***
Alan P. Gallo
Del Galloway
Br. Daniel A. Gardner, FSC ’00
Colette Geary ’82 **
Jovita and Robert M. Geraci
Kathleen and Donald E. Gibson *
Fraser B. and James Gilbane
Christine C. Gill
Ronald Gray
Sharyn Gregor **
Cheryl Harrison *
Josephine K. Hennelly ***
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe ***
Regina and Richard Jarosch **
Lisa Juncaj ’99 ***
Stephen Kaplan
Sheila and Michael Kester
Thomas E. Kohlberg **
Altaf H. Kotwal
Carol A. Kovis
Christopher LaCroix
Lucille and Robert Landry *
Heidi Laudien
Bahman Litkouhi
Christine and Francis J. Lombardi ***
Noreen A. and Michael J. Mahoney
Br. William Mann, FSC *** FT
Donna P. and John H. Masterson ***
Martha Mattus Flynn *
Brady J. McCormick
Robert McDonough
Joseph J. McGovern ***
Helen T. and Eugene R. ’63 McGrath TE
Joanne and John McMahon
Br. Ernest J. Miller, FSC FT
Jennifer K. and David G. Morad **
Debra and Kevin J. ’71 Mulvaney **
Joseph L. Murray, Jr. ***
Cathy and John P. ’65 Nelan ***
B Jeanine Newton-Riner *
Karen Nicholson **
Margaret R. O’Connell *
Janine R. ’82 and Stephen Parks
Stefani Peluso
Stephen Peluso
Gregory S. Player ***
Ann and Thomas A. ’67 Polucci ***
Anita and John J. ’58 Powers ***
Philip Pritchard
Patricia J. and Michael J. Procaccini
Robert P. Quigley ’64 ***
Ethan Raduns-Silverstein
Jeanne and David E. Radvany **
Peter Recla ***
Karen Richardson-Lothian
Yorceli R. Rincon
Susan and Francis X. ’73 Ryan ***
Parisa Saboori
Mary and Julian F. ’57 Santos ***
Colleen A. Shanahan-Warren ’81 and Michael W. Warren ’79 ***
Julie Simoni
Br. Robert J. Smith, FSC * T
Dianne M. and Peter K. ’64 Sweeney *** FT
Catherine and Joseph R. Syslo *
Bobbi Lee and Paul J. ’84 Thomas ***
Louise and Jean Valin
Dominica and John M. ’84 Vazquez
Emily C. and Brian Walshe
Pamela and Conrad S. ’80 Weiden
Christina and Mark Worthington ***

1853 Society

Goldie Adele
Theresa A. ’91 and Michael J. ’92 Ameres ***
Mary E. and Charles F. Ash
Grace and Paul Avvento *
Suzanne M. and Conrad A. Barile ’62 ***
Marie G. and William H. ’64 Baron ***
Helene and Paul Bartilucci
Carole M. Beyer
Michael Blando
Joan and Lawrence J. ’56 Boland ***
Ina C. Boyd
Mary E. and George G. ’74 Brown **
Patrick Burke
John Cameron
Terri and Rich Campanaro
Michael Caravaglio
Patricia A. ’23 and Stephen Carey
James L. Carr, Jr.
Diane and Vincent M. ’78 Cascio ***
Angie and Patrick Cercone *
Louann Chaffee
Wesley Chisholm
William H. Choquette ***
Michele T. and Anthony Classe **
Sean Cleary
Ann E. and Carl J. ’86 Clemente ***
Anne G. ’87 and Christophe Coglianese **
Dorothy S. and Thomas J. ’66 Cooney
Geraldine and John N. Crary **
Richard P. Cypher
Niall J. Delaney
Kelly A. and Joseph L. Dellacroce
Jean and J. M. Divney
Dawn M. and John K. ’97 Donohue
Andrew Drangula, III
Rose M. and James T. ’64 Dunphy *
Gerard T. Feeney ***
Deborah R. and Michael J. ’76 Fidanzato ***
Helen Finn ***
Maureen Finnegan **
Catherine A. and Bruno Fiore ***
Adrea Fitzgerald
Nancy L. and Richard W. Fontaine ***
Joseph Gallagher **
Mary E. and Robert M. ’69 Garvey ***
Shannon and Andrew E. Gauzza III **
Nancy and William J. Gilbane
Steven Goss
Joanna Gould
Michael Grabowski ***
Ann E. Gratzer ***
Lydia E. ’79 and Thomas M. ’70 Gray ***
Sandra Gruner-Domic and Wolf Gruner
Lois Harr and John M. Reilly ’75 ***
Susan and Ian Hitchins
Pamela Isom
Aileen T. Jones **
Lorraine and Jeffrey Jopchak
Mary Helen Jordan ***
Daniel Kelleher **
Madeline P. Kelly *
Barbara and Brian King *
Rebekah Klein-Pejsova and Stanislav Pejsa
Brendan Lawler **
Ann Lee-Jeffs
Kathryn Libal
Lisa and Anthony Lorino
Nell-Ayn A. and John M. Lynch
Amanda Magliaro
Lucile J. and Gerald P. ’65 McCarthy ***
Peter J. McCarthy ’72 ***
Kym and Brian McGillicuddy
Rita P. and Thomas J. McGoldrick ***
Barbara J. Mead and Richard A. Lawrence, Jr. ’68 ***
Gerald A. Miele ***
Margaret A. and Ronald G. Miller
Geraldine E. and Brendan F. ’78 Monaghan ***
Margaret E. Mullery ’91 ***
Helen Mulligan
David Murphy *
Sharon J. and Anthony T. ’70 Murtha, Jr. ***
Kathleen B. and Michael Muskopf ***
Syrita Newman ’10
Margaret Nolan ***
Jeanine Ntihirageza and Emmanuel Niragira
Jack R. Orben ***
Emer and Gerard O’Riordan
Rodina and Macario Padre *
Kevin Piegare
Jocelyn L. and Craig M. Plue
Robert A. Power ’89 ***
Elena G. and Carl B. Procario-Foley
Margaret and Michael C. ’80 Rappe ***
Bernadette and Thomas E. ’62 Reilly, Sr. ***
Anne Kathy and Hugh F. ’79 Rice ***
Susan M. Rice-Cavanagh ’84 and James Cavanagh ***
Michele B. and Joseph D. ’69 Rienti ***
Mary T. Rogan Swikata ’82 and
Gerard P. Swikata ’81 ***
Joan M. Rossillo **
Cynthia and Brian T. Searls
Jaclyn Senner
Zahra Shahbazi
Barbara T. Sheets
Amy and Peter R. Sismondo
Kathleen Smith
Mark Sorensen +
Douglas Stewart ***
Melissa R. Stoll Funaro and Anthony Funaro
Dwayne Summar
Nuala M. and Denis F. Tarrant
Geraldine T. ’87 and Daniel R. Taylor
Patricia Tomassi *
Louise and Stephen F. ’64 Toth ***
Carolyn Walsh
Betsy Wells
Helen and Stephen L. White ***
Corey Winkoff
Jeffrey H. Wyckoff
Susan Ziajka Lenhart

Jasper Oval

Anonymous (6)
Rose and George Abdilla ***
Kevin J. Ahern
Phillip Albert
Ann M. Albrecht **
Anne Marie and Richard ’81 Alexander ***
Leslie and Frank Alfano
Elizabeth and Richard Allen
Kathie and Augustine Aloia *
Maria T. and Edward R. Altiere
Jose Alva
Dana Anderson
Arshia Anwer
Sandra Araujo
Mary L. Arps
Melissa and Kevin R. Arps
Ellen P. Ash
Nestor S. Babadilla
Marianne and Thomas J. Babcock **
Diana Badarak and William V. Barnes ’87 *
Kerry and George P. ’89 Bader *
Regina and Robert T. Baker ***
Emma B. and Allan D. Baluyot
Sheila and David Bannon *
Diana R. and Frank A. ’65 Barbieri, Sr. ***
George Barone
Roseanne Barrera
Roseann G. and Patrick A. Barrese
Susana Bartlett
Elliot B. Belin ’03
Rita Bilello
Sandra and Arthur J. ’70 Blattner
Benjamin L. Boivin ’09
Nancy and Thomas Bowen
Desiree Bowler
Robert H. Brakman *
Nicole Braxtan
Roseann and Gregory S. Brewer *
Susan H. and Michael R. Broderick
Thomas F. Broderick
Marna Bronfen-Moore
Elizabeth R. Brown
Nancy L. and William M. Brown, Jr.
Sherri M. and Timothy R. Brown
Ann P. and Peter Bruchansky **
Mark Bruno
Kimmberly Bulkley
Beverly and Robert T. ’57 Burns, Sr. ***
Diane and Daniel Burns **
Elizabeth Cahill Garofalo
Patricia and Daniel V. ’78 Cahillane ***
Mary Cahill
Michele M. and Thomas J. Cahill
Laura and Fernando Calzolaio
Robert Campbell
Helen and Roger G. ’66 Canal ***
Margaret D. and John Caporusso
Maribeth B. ’75 and John T. ’56 Carey ***
Lorna P. and Nicholas Carparelli
Renee L. Carparelli
Teresa Casciano
Carol and James P. ’73 Cassidy **
Charles B. Cerasoli
Bridget T. Chalk
Amy J. Chambers
Farley Chase
Pamela Chasek
George Chin *
Joyce A. and Thomas A. Choquette ***
Diane L. and Richard Christ, Jr.
Jaime Ciffone
Carmen Ciparick
Kevin M. Clancy ’68 **
Sarah B. and Mark A. Claxton
Cindy and Michael Clifford
Joseph Clifford
Colleen M. and Edward V. Coda
Jean and Alexander G. Cole
Gael and Thomas P. ’58 Connolly, Sr. ***
Jane and Gildo Consolini *
Keith Cook
Geri B. Copon
Kevin Corbett
Elizabeth Corrigan
Kathy and Gus Costas ***
Marie E. Cotter *
Diana and Spiros Coutavas
Nora and Timothy Coyne *
Steven Criss *
Christine and Patrick Crorkin
Frank Cruthers
Eileen Cruthers Cifolelli
Kathleen and Robert J. ’76 Cucciniello
Elise Cunha
Kristine and Andrew Cunningham
Judith and Mark D’Agostino *
Mary Ann Daly
Anthony W. D’Angelo
Catherine C. and John C. Daniel
Kevin Davey
Miguel De Jesus
Veronica and Richard De Sanctis **
Dolores and David J. DeCintio ***
Jennifer and John DeJesus
Feridun Delale
Frances and Anthony DeLaurentis **
Jennifer E. and Christopher L. Dellacroce
Anthony Denis
Kathleen DePippo
Santina and Joseph D’Esposito *
DoraStella and Franco ’83 DiDomizio
Susan Dillon
Michele DiRuggiero
Maureen S. and David Doern
Meg Dolan
Brian Donnelly
Joanne M. and Patrick J. ’61 Downes, Jr. ***
Joan Downey
Winsome A. Downie
Paul D. Droubie
Jacqueline Duby
Tiffany Dugan
Rose Ellen Dunn ***
Ann J. Edwards *
Marilyn Eider and Joseph L. Monteith ’61 ***
Jennifer Elefonte
Marta and Alex I. ’90 Elias **
Ann and Paul F. Engelhart *
Jane and Walt Enterline
Marisa and Donald J. Farrell
Theodore Fedder
Mary E. Flora
Christopher T. Fonte
William Fortune
Susan B. and Thomas French
Dale Froriep *
Christopher Fumai
Joseph Furnari ’70 ***
Constance Galanis and Stephen J. Linde
John Galvin
Andrea M. Garrity
Jill B. and William H. Garrity
Lauren and Russell Gaudet *
Alison and Thomas F. Gencarelli
Edward T. Geraghty ’90 ***
George Giakos
Nicholas Gilewicz
James F. Gill
Kathleen C. Godley
Eileen and Charles P. ’75 Goggins ***
Marlene Gottlieb
Stephen N. Grant ’78
Katherine and Charles Grantham *
Karen and Charles E. Green ***
Matt Griffo
Margaret M. Groarke
Rosemary Groover
AnnMarie Grund
Caroline Gulotta
Kathleen and James M. ’66 Gunn ***
Helen M. Gunning ***
Michael Hall
Meredith A. and John S. Hamilton
Ashley Hammond
Kelly and Matthew Hanratty
Kier Hanratty
Mary and Matthew Hanson **
Tara Hanson
Alan G. Hartman ’03
Karen and Herbert J. ’72 Heller, Jr. ***
Holly M. and Paul T. Henderson, Jr.
Francis Hendrie
Mary E. Herdoiza
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy **
William E. Hermance

Catherine J. Hickey
Marie Hickey and Richard Brennan
Keith Hise *
Stephen J. Hodgson
Annmarie Hogan
George Holowinsky
Mary Jane and Thomas Hood *
Ruth Hopkins
Janet A. and William J. ’83 Horgan
Lawrence Hough ’87
Mary E. and James Hourdequin
Mary L. Hurley Egan
Beatrice Huste-Petersen
Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Vikki Iovine
Stephen O. Jaeger
Maura and David V. ’83 Janny
Melinda Janow *
Nuwan Jayawickreme
Kristen Jensen and Thomas Kitt
Helen M. and John S. Jeris **
Angela Jones
Doug Jones
Joseph Junda
Kay I. and John A. ’65 Kaiser ***
Alice M. Kane *
Teresa Kane ***
Navaz Karimian Pour
Dennis M. Keane ’73
Elizabeth H. and John D. Keegan
Lisa Kellachan
Jonathan Keller
Martha and Henry Kelly
Michael Kelly
Edward Kennelly
Holly and Matthew P. Kenney
James F. Kenny ’69 *
Barbara and John M. ’76 Kiernan ***
Anne and Erik M. Kindblom **
Karyn and Matthew Klein
Rose M. Klimovich
Adam Koehler
Iris Krempasky
Mona-Marie Kuceluk
Nancy C. and Alan D. Kulik
Timothy Kurpis
Mary and Laurence J. ’70 Langan ***
Kurt Lanigan
Robert M. Lanza
Stephan T. Lappas
Thomas Larsen
Margot and Frederick Lash **
Teresa L. and Thomas A. Lash
Kathleen Leddy and Randolph G. Titsworth
Gina and Joseph Lentini
Lorna J. and James J. Leonard
Kathleen A. Liedy
Suzanne Lillis
Darcy A. Lis-Beglane ’83
Emilia and Paul S. ’69 Liteplo **
Carol and Richard Locker
Mary and William F. ’55 Loftus
Eileen Loughlin
Jennifer and David Lozipone
Theresa A. and Robert ’94 Lucas ***
Julie Lynch Bridson
Daniel Lynch
Mari Lynch
Helen and Angus L. Macdonald ***
Thomas H. MacDonald
Hilda I. Macejka
Rebecca and James MacInnes *
Kathleen Macione
James F. Maher
Virginia A. and Paul M. Mahoney ***
Timra Mannino
Kelly Marin
Rocco A. Marinaccio ’81
Nancy M. and Joseph F. Markey
Toby W. Markey
Veronica Markey
Barbara Martin ***
Amir Masoumi **
Marilyn and Gregory Matzen **
Maria Maust-Mohl
Judith A. and John J. McArdle
Elizabeth McClure
Joy and Matthew G. ’72 McCrosson ***
Karen A. and James T. ’74 McCue *
Mary P. and Arthur McDermet
Mary Ellen McDermott *
Mary K. McGrattan ***
Patricia and Robert McGreen
Siobhan A. and John E. McHugh
Ellen M. and William P. McKee
John McManus
Jan and Ronan Michael ’60 McNamara ***
Anne F. and Thomas J. ’74 McNeil ***
Janet McShane **
Denise and Peter T. Mead
Phyllis V. Meader **
Coleen and Michael G. Mehary
Patricia A. and Norman C. Merz
Anna Maria Messere
Susan Mezo **
Daniel Mikulsky
Lisa C. Miller
Carol and Anthony ’66 Minardo, Sr.
Arlene A. and Joseph Moliterno
Henry J. Monaco
Alice S. Moore **
Celeste and John Moran
Josephine and Joseph Moran
Ofelia Morera
Marie D. and J. Robert Morris
Patricia and Robert Morris **
Michael Morrissey
Myrto A. and Kenneth Morrissey
Francine and Emil Muccin ***
Mary and James A. ’62 Mueller ***
Katherine Muhlenpoh
Teresa L. and Samuel F. Mullins *
Anne Mullooly *
Angela D. and John A. Murphy ***
Doris and Edward Murphy *
Elizabeth Murphy ***
Antonette and Victor Mykolaitis
Mary Ann and Michael F. Naughton ***
Pamela Ness
Barbara Niegocki
Margaret and Jeffry Nielsen
Adrienne Noble
Allison Novasel-Simos
Edward and Maureen Nusser **
Deirdre O’Leary Cunningham
John O’Brien
Judith and Richard O’Connor ***
Marisa Odierna
Kathleen A. O’Donnell
Kathleen P. O’Donnell
Richard K. Ohnmacht
Susan and Walter J. ’68 Olsewski
Richard L. Oslon
Linda Pale
Elsie Palencia
James Palma
Julie A. Paluszek
Mary A. and Joseph G. Panella
Ann Pasterski
Patricia A. and William C. Patterson
Maria and George Pecovic
Kathleen and Lee Pelton *
Beth Peluso
Gene Peluso
Cheryl Pemberton-Graves
Brian Perlis
Moira and Marc Persico
Debra Peterson
Tricia Petzold
Anne Pfetsch
Judith T. Phair
Ann Pilkerton
Richard Pinto *
Carol A. and Richard L. Plue
Daniel Polakowski
Maura E. Porricolo
Marya Postner and Tito Serafini
Kristine and Mark Pottinger
Deborah Pratt
Cynthia and Edward Pristach *
Cheryl Procter-Rogers
Carol Y. and Fernando Puente
Enid and Joseph Putkowski
Julie and Stanley Pycior
Michelle R. and Brian M. Quill
Michael J. Quinn *
Patricia ’83 and Timothy Quirk
Eric P. Raaser
Jeffrey Rabel
Heather and Chad Racine
Karen and Stanley P. Radziewicz
Annette A. and Joseph J. Rafalowski
Robert Rahni
Ernesto M. Ramos
Yolanda M. Ramos
Laura Redruello
Richard Regan
Debra Reich
Alexander Rende
Keith Rennard
Debra and Frank S. Riggi, Jr.
Norberto J. Rivera ’80
Joseph Rocchietti *
Evelyn Rodriguez
Rodney J. Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez
Maura and Patrick Rogers
Nancy E. Rogers **
Sally J. Rogers
Andrew Rolih
Gianluca Rottura
Sulma I. Rubert Silva and Mario J. Silva Rosa
Susan Rubisch-Gisler *
Margaret and Stanley C. ’74 Rupnick ***
Robert Ruppel
Maria P. and Richard A. Russell
Marie P. Ryan
Ali Sadegh
Marcy A. and Khalil Saliba
Luke Santoro
Vera and Paulo Santos
Michele Saracino
Andrea Sasaki
David G. Savage
Jane and George O. Savino *
Kimberly Scardino
Anastasia Schafer
Holly M. and Michael J. Scharland
Mark Schmotzer
Cameron Schnier
William Schnier
Frederick M. Schweitzer
Jorden R. Scott ’21
Mary Jane and Stephen H. Sedor *
Christine Seppa
Claudia Setzer
John A. Shea **
David A. Shefferman
Victoria Sheffield **
Ronald Sheldon
Steven Sherman
Max L. Silberlicht
Gordon Silverman
Melanie and Peter Simmons **
Andrew Skotnicki
John Solinger
Dylan Spehler
Gina M. and James H. Stradley, Jr.
Beatriz and John Struck
Donna Sullivan
Lisa Sullivan
Aravind Suresh
Chad Surman
Rosa and Stanley J. Szaniawski *
Nefertiti Takla *
Laura and Denis Tarrant
Jean Thomas
Susan and B. M. Thrope **
Ann Tobin
Regina and Angelo ’61 Tomasetti, Jr. ***
Susan M. and Patrick J. ’80 Toner ***
Katherine Torode
Lisa D. Toscano ’79
April Trenge
Connie and Nicholas Tsamparlis
Christopher G. Uchrin ’72 ***
Elizabeth L. and David C. Unger
Denise G. ’87 and Philip T. ’87 Vadon **
Philip J. Valentino ’66 ***
Stacy and Daniel R. Vandercook
Steven Vando
Sasidhar Varanasi
Brandon Vecchio
Susan and Mark Velten
Nichole M. Venious
Jessica Verdicchio-Sage
Kenneth Vigilo
Suzanne A. Vlamis *
Noreen Wageman
Lynne Wagner
Joanne and Matthew P. ’78 Walsh
Qian Wang **
Joseph C. Ward
Karla A. ’96 and Michael P. ’91 Ward *
Richard M. Ward ’87
Mary Webb
Timothy Whitelaw
Suzanne D. and John R. Wilcox *
Eric W. Will
Caren Williams
Kimberly A. and Robert Williams
Marilyn and Jim Williams
William Wong
Dominika Wrozynski
Nicola Wynnefield
Kerry Yefet
Kristin M. Young
Patricia and Andrew Zajac ***
Maggie Zakkak


Anonymous (7)
Rabab and Akram Abi-Hanna
Baha Albataineh **
Carol A. and Alphonse M. Aloi
Joseph Arra
Sara Atai
Thomas Atzenhofer
Janine Augustine
Kathleen Azzariti
Doris M. Babel
Siobhan Bailey
Maureen and Matthew Bane *
Patricia Barlow
Peter Barnwell
Lorraine Bates
Debbi M. Baum
Susan L. and Michael A. Belmonte
Br. Robert Berger, FSC ’73
Emily Bicht and William Tarrant
Shelly Bjorklund
Jennifer and Drew Black
Patricia Bonitch
Denis Boyle
Kimberly A. Bragg
Ira Brand
Nicole Brisotti
Briana Bronson
Stephanie W. Brooks ’13
James S. Bucko
Albert Cahueque
Eileen Cain ***
Candee Caldwell
Sarah Callahan
Shae Callahan
William Cameron
Carol and Nicholas G. Candeloro ***
Claudia Cardona ***
Jennifer Carere
Nancy Carew
Amalia and Luigi Caserta
Nancy Cataldo *
Christopher Chan
Arlene Chasek
Julio Chavarria
Dawn L. Cleveland and Mark Radziewicz
Anne Cody
Therese and William Coleman
Christina Collins
Anne Marie Colón *
Amy Coupe
Megan and James Crowe
Lisa Cumberland
Jeanne and John P. Curran **
Mary F. Dalton and Robert J. Ameen
Helen and Michael J. ’68 Daly ***
Aura Darpi
Ruth P. Davis *
James P. Dawson
Tonia and Joseph De Feo
Kiley A. ’14 and Julian A. ’13 De La Rosa
Joanne and Stephen J. De Luca ’76 *
Christina DeGregorio
Frank Delguercio
Gia and John P. Denaro
Lusi Dennis
Anthony Depaul
Marie and John S. DeVita **
Mary Ellen A. and Anthony G. Dickson
Matthew Diederich
Francesca DiGioia
Claire Dillon
Jenna Dingler
Patrick Donahue
Carol W. and John P. Donnelly
Louis Donofrio
David Doorga
Justin Dorman
Victoria Douranakis
Eileen Duarte
Anne J. Duffy
Heather Durkin
Danielle D. and Edward A. Dyjeczynski
Alexis M. Eaton
Brenda Edwards
Maria Ehresman
James Elardo
Alice Feintuch
Rosa and Jesus A. Feliz
Elia and Dominick J. ’79 Fickeria, Jr. ***
Dayton Fisher
Lisa and Darb M. Fitzgerald
Arthur Flaherty
Christine M. and Joseph Fontana
Marilyn Frame
Jeffrey Freedman
Doug Friedlander
Gabrielle Fumai
Michele Galioto
Judy and Frank J. Garbinski
Kevin J. Gero
Jean Gesoff
Catherine Giordano
Adrianne L. Goins and Anthony Christino, III
Camila J. Gomez Hein
Aaron Goodman
Jacqueline and Thomas Grady *
Frances Green
Christine and Richard Gress *
Filomena and Vincent M. Grieco
Barbara Griffin
Joseph Grimm
Mary Griseto
Mary Ann Gucwa
Ella Guilfoil
Robert Guilfoil
Carol and Michael Haluska
Margaret Halvey
Richard Hapward
John Hart
Jo Ann Hayes
Shawn Hennessey
Catherine M. Hickey
Clare B. Hickey
Amanda Hise
Gina L. Hise *
Mark Hofelich
Lily Ho-Leonard
Phillip Hom
Br. Patrick J. Horner, FSC
Elizabeth House
Marisa and Sean M. Huban
Grace B. Hughes
Julie Hyland
Jennifer Iuliano
Marilyn Jablonski **
Al Jaffe
Robert Jaffe
Joann Y. and Glenn C. Jamora
Maria F. and James Jefferys, Jr.
Jacqueline Jenkins
Judith C. and Robert Jensen
Leslie Jensen
Kimberly D. Jewell
Charles A. Johnson
Amandeep Kahlon
Linda and Robert Kakoyan
Joel Karlin
Catherine D. Kaufmann *
Stu Keeler **
Alene Keller
Kevin Kennedy
Julien H. Kern ’96 ***
Zahra Khalkhali
Janice and Kevin M. ’82 Killen
Catherine and Thomas A. Kilroy ***
Jean S. and Joseph D. King ***
Marjorie L. and Jonathan P. King *
Dillon Kirby
Estelle Kirsh
Jean K. Kitt
Bindu and PaulJerry Koilparampil
Richard Kreps
Jane G. Krizman
Gayle Krug
Sharon M. and Scott V. Krug
Brendan Kurpis
Sharon R. and Vincent Labbate
Trace Lahey
Maria and John Lama
Carolyn Lander
Patricia Law
Vivian V. and Godfrey Leidenfrost
Coleen and David Lenhart
Ellen and Joseph S. Lentini
Nicole and Michael Leonard
Carol Leone
Vicki and Todd M. Lezon
Bruce M. Lisman
Edward Livingston
Michael G. Lo Russo **
Savannah Lodge
Kathleen Longbrake
Lee Lowenfish
Jonathan Luca **
Michael Luca *
Sylvester Luca **
Erin and Kevin Lynch
James R. Lynch
Christine A. Maasin-Cohan
Daniel J. Mackinney
Kathleen Mahan
Edward J. Maher
Ethan Maher
Kimberly A. Maher
Kelsey Maki
Jenifer A. and Sebastiano Mangiafico
Mary F. Mann
Thomas P. Manning, Jr.
Giovanna and Leonard Marcello *
Margaret and Frank Marco
Olimpia and Luigi V. ’94 Marcoccia
Laura V. and Michael Marinelli
Mary and Joseph E. ’75 Marra
Judy Massey
Anne Mavor
Liam Mbuthia
Amy McBride *
Carmela and Kevin McCabe **
Liam R. McDonough
Susan D. and Lawrence M. McElroy
Catherine and Michael F. ’53 McEneney *** FT
Jamie McGuinniss
Judith A. and John P. McGuire ***
Sarah McKenney
Samantha McQuillen
Jacquelyn and Francis X. ’56 Merklin, Jr. ***
Lori Messere
Kathleen F. and Patrick P. Micinilio
Mauro Miletic
Patrice K. Miller
Patricia D. and Charles E. Milot, Jr.
Joann F. and Robert C. Mirone
Carol L. and Michael J. Monnin
Linda Morrissey **
Patricia J. Mottola
Bernard Moughty
Elizabeth Murphy
Janet B. Murphy
Christopher Muskopf
Deborah Muzio
Helen Nadel
Clara O. and Thomas F. Nold
Theresa L. O’Keefe
Alexa Olt
Barbara O’Meara
Geraldine and Kenneth R. Orefice
Kazem Oryani *
Robert Osterhout
Thrasivoulos Panayiotou
Patricia and Thomas Papa
Emma Peck
Stephanie Pelletier
Dominic Perna
Melanie Peterson
Carol Petit
Fay ’70 and Anthony Petrokonis ***
Elvira Pettersen
Nobile M. and John A. Pfannenbecker
Sharon Phelan
Vincent Pilato
Christine A. Pomykacz
Lori Postner
Noreen M. ’06 and
Christopher M. ’78 Power
Louis A. Priolo
Susan and Michael Prisco
Tina Puccio
Heather A. and James J. Radziewicz
Pamela and Steven Radziewicz
Shawn Ramos
Eric Rasmussen, Jr.
Kathleen Rattigan
Jo Ann Ray
Michlena P. and Curtis M. Raymond
Rosalyn Rego
Sharon and Michael P. ’81 Reilly
Adrienne and Anthony Renda
Amanda Repko
Emma C. Reuter
Angela Rivera Bertino
Stephanie Roebuck
Frederick Roesch
Rose Roman
Margaret and Harry Roney
Joyce Royer
Aimee Rubin
Linda and Joseph Ruchalski
Elizabeth Ryan
Noreen ’19 and Timothy Ryan
Susan and David T. Ryan *
Douglas M. Sage
Molly T. Scala
Joan A. and Theodore J. Schmidt, Jr.
Pamela S. and John Schock
John Schretzman
Susan A. Schulman
Hannah Schulte
Juliann Schwartz
Bledi Shaqiri
Daniel Sharbaugh
Margaret and Gregory J. ’71 Shaw
Tricia M. and Stephen Sinegra
Richard E. Sise
Tiana M. Sloan
Samantha Smith
Eleanor W. Sopkovich
Robert Soudant
Julie and Andrew Sovia *
John R. Sowa ***
Diane M. and Eugene P. Spadaccini
Dalia Spinnicchia
Pauline Spitzer
Andrew Streilein
Rebecca Sullivan
Carol Swain
Linda Swenson
Laura Tamburo Settle
Margaret M. Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Ann M. Teneyck
Paula and Anthony Tesoriero
Costin Thampikutty
Sandy Tineo
Suzanne E. and William K. Tobin
Patricia and Carmen ’63 Tripo ***
Beatrice and Denis M. ’70 Troy *
Lori Ann and James J. Tuite
Andrew Updike
Caroline Van Ryn-Derrico
Judy L. Vandercook
Marisa Vando
Tana VanStone
Elizabeth and Charles Velenovsky
Anthony P. Vernice
Lisa Viscovi
Michelle Vogelhut
Colleen and Christopher Walker
Jeanne Walsh
Kathleen P. and Scott R. Waterman
Tracey and Richard Webb
Stella Welcer
Vincent Werling
Beverly and Alan Weyland ***
Christel G. Wight
David Willis
Jessica M. Wilson ’08 *
Carol and Edward Winkler ***
William Woodruff
Stephen Younger
Joseph Zayas
Walter Zeng
Patricia L. Zimmerman

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased