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Memorial, Tribute and Testamentary Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Few monuments are more meaningful than those which give hope to new generations. Alumni and friends can permanently honor family members, former classmates and others who are dear to them by making a generous memorial gift to Manhattan College.

The following list gratefully acknowledges those honored by family and friends who graciously have made a gift in their name over the past year. Our College community is thankful to everyone who chooses this uplifting way to extend critical support to our students.

In Memory of Mr. William M. Albrecht ’58
Ann M. Albrecht

In Memory of Myles J. Ambrose ’48
Thomas R. Donahue ’49 +

In Memory of Joseph P. Api ’82
Anne Marie A. Api ’80
Joanne Api

In Memory of Br. B. Austin Barry
Dorothy and Louis C. ’56 Tartaglione

In Memory of Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54
Helene and Paul Bartilucci
Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association

In Memory of Barbara A. Beirne ’87
John P. Beirne ’69

In Memory of Anthony E. Beyer ’63
Carole M. Beyer

In Memory of Philip C. Bonanno
Arlene and Reuben Mark

In Memory of Edward J. Bowes ’64
Bonnie and John E. ’64 Henry

In Memory of Sr. Geraldine E. Bowes ’75
Mary Jo Crino

In Memory of Albert P. Branchi ’64
Carol Ann Branchi

In Memory of Br. Alexander Joseph Brennan, FSC ’27
Anita and Robert T. ’66 Colleran

In Memory of Br. B. Joseph Brennan, FSC ’30
Estate of George A. Mulligan ‘65

In Memory of Br. B. Thomas Brennan, FSC ’31
Estate of George A. Mulligan ‘65

In Memory of Donald R. Broderick ’86
Ina C. Boyd

In Memory of Raymond Broderick 
Elizabeth and Richard Allen
Maria T. and Edward R. Altiere
Dana Anderson
Ina C. Boyd
Susan H. and Michael R. Broderick
Thomas Broderick
James L. Carr, Jr.
Mary F. Dalton and Robert J. Ameen
Ellen A. Del Colle
Jean and J. M. Divney
Anne J. Duffy
Jane and Walt Enterline
Jerri F. and Mark T. Gerard
Gilbane Building Company
Fraser B. and James Gilbane
Mary and Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr.
Karen and Charles E. Green
William E. Hermance
Mary E. and James Hourdequin
Marilyn Jablonski
Elizabeth H. and John D. Keegan
Lucille and Robert Landry
Kathleen Leddy and Randolph G.Titsworth
Virginia A. and Paul M. Mahoney
Nancy M. and Joseph F. Markey
Toby W. Markey
Donna P. and John H. Masterson
Patricia and Robert McGreen
Phyllis V. Meader
Gerald A. Miele
Myrto A. and Kenneth Morrissey
Margaret Nolan
Kathleen A. O’Donnell
Patricia and Thomas Papa
Carol Petit
Jane G. and William A. Petzold
Jeanne and David E. Radvany
Maura and Patrick Rogers
Sally J. Rogers
Salvation Army White Plains Corps
Kimberly Scardino
Mary A. Schaefer ’69
Karen and Gregory J. ’88 Sirett
Eleanor W. Sopkovich
Beatriz and John Struck
Ann M. Teneyck
Patricia Tomassi
Wesquage Community District
Kimberly A. and Robert Williams

In Memory of Kevin P. Brooks ’66
Virginia Brooks

In Memory of William J. Burke ’64
Bonnie and John E. ’64 Henry

In Memory of John J. Butz ’89
Justine D. Butz

In Memory of Donald C. Cacciapaglia ’73
Ellen S. Cacciapaglia ’79

In Memory of John P. Callan Jr. ’61
Emily Callan

In Memory of Lily V. Callan ’18
Mary and Charles V. Callan

In Memory of David S. Carron ’90
Denise McCool

In Memory of Alma Castillo
Lusi Dennis

In Memory of Algirdas Cesnavicius ’65
Josephine and Phillip F. ’65 Castellano

In Memory of Frederick S. Cheesman
William J. Horn, Jr. ’64

In Memory of Salvatore O. Clemente ’52
Nancy and Thomas Clemente
Mark Krueger

In Memory of Br. Adalbert Andrew Codyre, FSC
Maureen C. and Joseph J. ’64 Lavin

In Memory of James T. Connors ’57
Patricia Connors
Judith and Joseph P. ’62 Dillon
Iris Krempasky

In Memory of Joseph J. Coppo Jr. ’75
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe

In Memory of Gerald V. Cronin ’55
Christopher C. Gunsel
Luke G. Gunsel ’23

In Memory of all Deceased Members of the Class of 1956
Dorothy and Louis C. ’56 Tartaglione

In Memory of Fred DePhillips ’53
Patricia R. and Christopher DePhillips

In Memory of Rose Mary Devaney
Patricia F. and Frank ’61 Devaney

In Memory of Steven F. Devaney
Patricia F. and Frank ’61 Devaney

In Memory of Christopher G. Devey ’82
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Donald P. Devey ’56
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Matthew M. Dolan ’42
Rosemary Christoff Dolan

In Memory of Eugene F. Dunn ’55
Brian T. Dunn ’83

In Memory of Arthur J. Eisenhuth ’57
Robert J. Eisenhuth ’90

In Memory of John C. Elliott ’66
Richard Regan

In Memory of Lewis H. Eslinger ’50
The Smalley Foundation

In Memory of William K. Finn ’56
Helen Finn

In Memory of Raymond J. Finnegan Jr. ’70
Maureen Finnegan

In Memory of William J. Flynn ’60
Martha Mattus Flynn

In Memory of Br. Abdon Lewis Garavaglia, FSC ’48
Jocelyn M. Stargel and Glennon L. Cooper ’62

In Memory of Nicholas S. Gaudino ’71
Albina Gaudino

In Memory of Ryan Greene
Katherine Divney and John K. Breese ’98

In Memory of Thomas P. Gunning ’60
Helen M. Gunning

In Memory of Garrett F. Halpin ’88
Alyssa H. Pirone ’89

In Memory of Br. Kevin Hargadon, FSC
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of Arthur M. Hingerty ’76
James S. Bucko
Jo-Anne and John L. ’76 De Benedetti
Teresa L. and Thomas A. Lash
William F. Lynch, III ’76

In Memory of Eileen Mahoney Hoban
Eileen and Thomas E. ’80 Hoban

In Memory of Francis J. Jones ’50
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of Franco P. Juricic ’88
Alyssa H. Pirone ’89

In Memory of John F. Kane ’63
Alice M. Kane

In Memory of Ann M. King
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of Robert S. Kinnally ’58
James Palma

In Memory of Brian T. Kivlan ’69
Caroline Laumann

In Memory of Kenneth J. Kovis ’68
Carol A. Kovis

In Memory of Jean-Marie La Blanc
Patricia R. and Christopher DePhillips

In Memory of Min L. Lee ’52
Dora S. Lee

In Memory of Thomas R. Lenti ’76
Gail A. and Fredric ’77 Marro

In Memory of Br. Ambrose Loke, FSC ’80
Robert Cambria

In Memory of John P. Macejka ’57
Hilda I. Macejka

In Memory of John H. Mark ’00
Anonymous (2)
Baha Albataineh
Kathie and Augustine Aloia
Peter Barnwell
Hugh Beglin ’00
Nancy Cataldo
George Chin
Michele T. and Anthony Classe
Christine Crespo ’06 and Marc Ewen
Jeanne and John P. Curran
Mary Ann Daly
Aura Darpi
Christina DeGregorio
Michele DiRuggiero
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman
Katherine and Charles Grantham
Melinda Janow
Stu Keeler
Alene Keller
Janice and Kevin M. ’82 Killen
Richard Kreps
Patricia Law
Jonathan Luca
Michael Luca
Sylvester Luca
Mary Ann Lynch-Minson ’03 and Patrick Minson
Angela P. ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter
Amy McBride
Kevin J. McCabe ’00
Carmela and Kevin McCabe
Elizabeth McClure
Mary Ellen McDermott
Susan Mezo

Elizabeth Murphy
Edward and Maureen Nusser
Mary Ann ’68 and John F. ’61 O’Donnell, Jr.
Emma C. Reuter
Joan M. Rossillo
Gianluca Rottura
Christine Seppa
Victoria Sheffield
Julie Simoni
Julie and Andrew Sovia
Nichole M. Venious
Suzanne A. Vlamis

In Memory of Robert F. Martin ’58
Barbara Martin

In Memory of Bernard J. McCaffrey ’64
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Joseph W. McGovern
Joseph J. McGovern

In Memory of Marie V. McGovern
Joseph J. McGovern

In Memory of Robert McGrail
Theresa M. ’84 and Gregory Ix

In Memory of Robert J. McGrattan ’57
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Robert F. McGurrin ’67
Sheila M. McGurrin

In Memory of John D. McKenna ’61
Cosmopolitans of Florida
Irene and Louis E. ’61 Monoyios
Felicia and Anthony E. ’61 Santelli
Christel G. Wight

In Memory of Br. Cyprian John McNamara, FSC
Maureen C. and Joseph J. ’64 Lavin

In Memory of Joseph P. Moore ’63
Patricia Moore

In Memory of Thomas J. Moran ’74
Joan Moran

In Memory of Stephen F. Munsell ’59
James F. Munsell

In Memory of Michael J. Murnane ’56
Maureen Murnane

In Memory of Br. Adalbert James Norton, FSC ’40
Vincent J. Castellano ’77

In Memory of Gerald P. O’Malley ’83
Joanne O’Malley

In Memory of Br. Barnabas Edward O’Neill, FSC ’42
Josephine and Joseph F. ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Kathleen O’Neill Eschmann
Josephine and Joseph F. ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Tyrone Pannell ’64
Bonnie and John E. ’64 Henry

In Memory of John T. Rafferty ’54
Maureen C. Rafferty

In Memory of Liberty F. Raho
Ann Marie and Peter N. ’70 Raho

In Memory of Edward T. Rennard ’63
Roseanne Barrera
Rita Bilello
Nicole Brisotti
Margaret D. and John Caporusso
Jaime Ciffone
Anne Cody
Christina Collins
James P. Dawson
David Doorga
James Elardo
Maria Epstein
Kathleen and Robert E. ’70 Flahive
Doug Friedlander
Garden City Endodontics
AnnMarie Grund
Christine Hanley
Annmarie Hogan
Karyn and Matthew Klein
Elvira Pettersen
Vincent Pilato
Tina Puccio
Shawn Ramos
Keith Rennard
Sharon and Michael P. ’70 Rennard
Laura Tamburo Settle
Lisa Viscovi
William Woodruff
Kerry Yefet

In Memory of George Roberts
Cliff A. Roberts ’91

In Memory of Br. Luke Salm, FSC
Linda and John ’64 Stout

In Memory of Charles V. Sanaga Sr. ’54
Eileen and Thomas M. ’85 Donatelli

In Memory of Charles R. Senner ’50
Jaclyn Senner

In Memory of John M. Silvanie
Nancy and Mark F. ’72 Bruckmann

In Memory of James T. Smith ’60
Leslie and Frank Alfano
Susan L. and Michael A. Belmonte
Marna Bronfen-Moore
Mary Cahill
Michele M. and Thomas J. Cahill
Elizabeth Cahill Garofalo
Amy Coupe
Megan and James Crowe
Jacqueline Duby
Alice Feintuch
Carolyn and Terence F. ’74 Gaffney, Jr.
Jean Gesoff
Adrianne L. Goins and Anthony Christino, III
Caroline Gulotta
Mary and William A. ’67 Harkins
Sheila and Michael Kester
Carol Leone
Edward Livingston
Erin and Kevin Lynch
Julie Lynch Bridson
Catherine Mallon Traynor ’88 and Fintan P. Traynor ’86
Therese and Bernard H. ’60 Martin
Lisa C. Miller
Joann F. and Robert C. Mirone
Marie D. and J. Robert Morris
Katherine Muhlenpoh
Adrienne Noble
North Mianus School
Theresa L. O’Keefe
Geraldine and Kenneth R. Orefice
Melanie Peterson
Anne Pfetsch
Lori Postner
Marya Postner and Tito Serafini
Michlena P. and Curtis M. Raymond
Stephanie Roebuck
Susan A. Schulman
Juliann Schwartz
Steven Sherman
Anne C. and George H. ’59 Skau
Kathleen Smith
Dianne M. and Peter K. ’64 Sweeney
Linda Swenson
Michelle Vogelhut
Helen and Stephen L. White

In Memory of Frank J. Sofia ’60
Alice and Leonard ’69 Sofia

In Memory of Frank C. Sorensen ’55
Mark Sorensen +

In Memory of William J. Stampe ’37
Walter Zeng

In Memory of Joseph P. Sullivan ’57
Donna Sullivan

In Memory of Mark Taylor
Terence P. Paré ’77
Anya Taylor

In Memory of James M. Tobin ’56
Ann Tobin

In Memory of John P. Tobin Jr. ’61
SI Elite Track & Field, Inc.

In Memory of Graham Walker
Anonymous (8)
Bonni and Anthony M. ’81 Arbore
ASHRAE Bi-State Chapter
Roger Bardwell ’05
Cory Blad
Nicole Braxtan
Cerami & Associates
Christine and William Clyde
Collado Engineering, P.C.
Deborah J. and Edward E. Conway, Jr. ’78
Elias Dagher ’89
Feridun Delale
Patrick Devlin ’06
Patrick M. Drennan ’17
Aaron Frank ’07
John A. Fusco ’93
Matthew V. Gagliano ’94
Caitlin M. Gibbons ’19
Michael Grabowski
Christine E. Heller ’15
Frank S. Henry
Br. Patrick J. Horner, FSC
Innoveering, LLC
Ryan J. Isabelle ’16
Emmanouil Kambouris ’16
Stephen Kaplan
Navaz Karimian Pour
Devon M. Keane ’16
Natalie M. Kovac ’07
John Leylegian
Bahman Litkouhi
Nicholas M. May ’17
Jaclyn A. ’09 and Sean M. ’09 McCarthy
Janet McShane
Christopher K. Mias ’09
Magdalen I. Michalczyk ’14
Nargis Mohiuddin ’20
Jo Anne and Louis E. ’79 Monteforte
Agnes Murray Walker
Sara J. Pascal ’09
Stephen Peluso
Lorraine V. Piccorelli ’17
Philip Pritchard
Ryan J. Quattromani ’18
Parisa Sab
Magdeline E. Schoonover ’20
Roya F. Sedighian ’95 and Mohammad Naraghi
Osama B. Shahbaz ’16
Ellen Sugrue-Dolan ’94 and James F. Dolan ’93
Tech-Ed Systems
Veronica N. Valerio ’18
Lynne Wagner
Colleen and Christopher Walker
Kathryn A. Watroba ’17
Nancy A. and Raymond ’79 Watroba, Jr.

In Memory of Pete Waters
Kathleen and John G. ’72 O’Shea
Peter Waters

In Memory of Dean Robert T. Weil Jr., Dean of Engineering from 1960 - 1971
Marie and John H. ’67 Provanzana

In Memory of Harry Wheeler ’38
Sara W. Cowan

In Memory of Carolyn F. Wright
Christopher P. Wright
John F. Wright
Kerry and Peter Wright

In Memory of Br. Francis (Aubert of Jesus) Zehetzner, FSC
Dorothy and Louis C. ’56 Tartaglione

In Memory of Anthony N. Zock ’36
Joseph A. Zock
Robert A. Zock, Jr.

In Memory of James L. Zock ’38
Joseph A. Zock
Robert A. Zock, Jr.

Tribute Gifts

Alumni and friends can commemorate their loved ones’ special milestones by making a tribute gift to Manhattan College. Whether the event is a birthday or retirement, a wedding anniversary or college graduation, tribute gifts mark the occasions by helping to support the deserving young men and women who pursue their degrees at our Riverdale campus. We gratefully acknowledge the following friends and family members honored with tribute gifts this past year.

In Honor of Ashley E. Bonitch ’25
Teresa Casciano

In Honor of Gerard J. Caccappolo ’63
Patricia A. and Norman C. Merz

In Honor of Joan Cammarata
Benjamin E. Schloat ’08

In Honor of Pamela Chasek
Debbi M. Baum
Joel Karlin

In Honor of John J. Connolly ’52
Gregory Connolly

In Honor of Dyona (Dee Dee) Davis ’22
Meghan and Michael F. ’07 Kelley

In Honor of James P. Feeney ’57
Gerard T. Feeney
Margaret and James P. ’57 Feeney

In Honor of Br. Daniel A. Gardner, FSC ’00
Rosemary G. and Joseph J. ’60 Campos
Ellen and Andrew J. ’81 Ryan

In Honor of Lawrence R. Grassi ’93
Mark Bruno

In Honor of Patricia Hogan ’95
Linda and Benedict A. ’68 Jacobellis

In Honor of Kerry A. Inman
Jeffrey Weil

In Honor of Fr. Robert M. Kinnally ’82
Marie P. Ryan

In Honor of Willam J. Leonard ’48
Nancy Hunt

In Honor of Robert Mauro
Charles A. Tompkins ’83

In Honor of John P. Murphy ’92
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Roberta Ritter Murphy
William V. Murphy ’59

In Honor of Timothy O. Murphy ’93
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of John L. Paluszek ’55
Dianne E. and Larry E. Bach

Robert Campbell
Amy J. Chambers
Anthony W. D’Angelo
Jennifer and John DeJesus
Robert Flaherty
Del Galloway
Nicholas Gilewicz
Mary E. Herdoiza
Ketchum Inc.
Barbara and George T. ’73 Knapp
Eleanor C. and Richard E. Leslie
Judith ’71 and Richard J. ’69 McKay
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Gerald B. Olszewski
Christine and Michael J. ’80 Paluszek
Julie A. Paluszek
Matthew J. Paluszek
Maureen A. and Christopher J. Paluszek
Stephen J. Paluszek
Paluszek Family Foundation Inc.
Patricia A. Paluszek-Dimmling and Rudy A. Dimmling
Debra Peterson
Judith T. Phair
Cheryl Procter-Rogers
Maria P. and Richard A. Russell
Jeanette C. ’82 and John Barry Ryan
Dwayne Summar
Lorraine Thelian
Louise and Jean Valin

In Honor of Laura Redruello
Benjamin E. Schloat ’08

In Honor of Rodney J. Rodriguez
Benjamin E. Schloat ’08

In Honor of Lawrence C. Siri Jr. ’60
John G. Rossi ’60

In Honor of Stephen J. Squeri ’81
Alan P. Gallo
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

In Honor of Michael Wirth
Alan P. Gallo

Testamentary Gifts

Making a bequest of any size represents a meaningful investment in the continuing strength of Manhattan College — and its longstanding Lasallian Catholic mission. Over the past year, Manhattan was the grateful beneficiary of bequests and other testamentary gifts from the estates of these departed alumni and friends:

Anonymous (3)
Estate of George V. Boselli ’49
Estate of Francis J. Bradley ’49
Estate of Bruce T. Cunningham ’54
Estate of Andrew V. Galway, Jr. ’68
Estate of Arthur J. Griffin ’64
Estate of John F. ’51 and Eileen M. Hoban
Estate of John F. Horstmann ’69
Estate of George B. Kirsch
Estate of Harold D. Malone ’50
Estate of H. Roy McArdle ’41
Estate of George A. Mulligan ’65
Estate of Daniel P. O’Neill ’63
Estate of Carol H. and Robert L. ’52 Plummer
Estate of Robert P. Tarul ’60
Estate of Joseph T. Walsh ’58