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2022-2023 Honor Roll of Donors

For faithful alumni and friends, several impressive milestones made 2023 a special year of celebration. For example, Manhattan marked a century of excellence at our scenic redbrick campus in the northwest Bronx. Jaspers also observed 50 years of coeducation. To many, however, the most inspiring commemoration was the 170th anniversary of the College itself. 

Since its founding in 1853, Manhattan has remained true to its distinctive Lasallian Catholic mission — to provide an outstanding, values-based education for all hardworking students, regardless of their social or financial circumstances. Today, Manhattan continues to prepare young men and women of diverse backgrounds for lives of meaningful success — thanks largely to extremely faithful benefactors like you.

This issue of Manhattan’s annual Honor Roll of Donors pays fitting tribute to your extraordinary generosity. Unrestricted and restricted giving to the College this past year reached a record-breaking $22,010,414.74. Gifts to the Fund for Manhattan, comprising the Annual Fund and Anniversary Class Gifts, came to $4,373,590.45. All unrestricted support, also including events such as the 2023 De La Salle Medal Dinner and the Jasper Golf Open, totaled $10,849,507.42. Restricted giving — for endowed scholarships, facilities, athletics, and more — amounted to $11,160,907.32. 

Your generosity adds strength to our mission in every sense — especially at this time of dramatic change in American higher education. With your partnership in our work, enduring Lasallian Catholic values will continue to nurture the mind, heart and spirit of every student who proudly bears the name of “Jasper.”

July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023

Manhattan College gratefully acknowledges all of our generous benefactors. To the best of our knowledge, the information in this issue of our Honor Roll of Donors accurately reflects our records. We recognize that omissions or errors — while regrettable — inadvertently may occur. If you find any inaccuracies, please notify the Development office at (718) 862-7275. Thank you again for your extraordinary support.

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  • Message from the President
    President Milo Riverso

    To the Manhattan College community:

    Your extraordinary generosity this past year has made a truly significant difference for our entire campus community, especially for the very deserving students it is our privilege to serve. In my new role as our College’s 21st president — and as a graduate from a family of proud Jaspers — I am deeply honored to express my heartfelt personal gratitude to every one of the outstanding alumni and friends recognized in this 2022–23 edition of our Honor Roll of Donors.

    At this time of profound change for private higher education in general — and Manhattan in particular — your commitment to our Lasallian Catholic mission has raised more than $22 million, a 3.42% increase over 2021–22, our previous record-breaking year for giving. Thanks directly to your generosity, we are better able to offer scholarships and other vital forms of aid; to strengthen academic programs and services on which all students depend; and to upgrade campus facilities and technology needed for success in today’s demanding workplace. 

    Consider just a few of the recent achievements your gifts have helped to make possible. Our expanded and refurbished Veterans Success Center opened last fall, strengthening our status as a proud participant in the VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program, which aids military veterans and dependents. So did our new Entrepreneurship Center, a hub for the College’s aspiring innovators.  

    In addition, extensive renovations continue on critical — and iconic — facilities such as De La Salle Hall, the home of our O’Malley School of Business; Chrysostom and Horan residence halls; and Squeri Hall, including Smith Auditorium and the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers, the spiritual center of our campus. 

    Exemplary benefactors like you are valued partners in these and all our efforts. For 170 years, Manhattan has prepared young people from widely varied circumstances to excel in their communities and careers. This work continues today: 33% of our undergraduates are first-generation college students; nearly 40% qualify as Pell eligible, or very high need. As an alumnus as well as a former trustee, therefore, I was proud but not surprised when Money included Manhattan on its list of the best colleges in America. Now, as president, I am humbled and grateful to work with all of you on Manhattan’s behalf. 

    I invite you to read the following pages of this year’s Honor Roll of Donors, where you will learn more about the remarkable commitment of so many alumni and friends — and the profound impact your gifts truly have on today’s young Jaspers. Thank you again for your uplifting generosity this past year, and always.

    Milo Riverso ’81, Ph.D., P.E.


  • Message from the Vice President

    Mauriello_01-copy.jpg To our Manhattan College family,

    It is my privilege and pleasure to have served at Manhattan for nearly two decades. As vice president for college advancement since 2006 — and with a far lengthier career in Catholic higher education — I can confidently say that our College’s alumni and friends are among the most dedicated I have ever encountered. 

    Your extraordinary generosity this past year illustrates that point once again. On behalf of our entire campus community, I want to sincerely thank every one of you who has earned recognition in our 2022–23 Honor Roll of Donors. It would be a decided understatement to say that faithful alumni and friends like you have made this a record-breaking year. Your unrestricted and restricted gifts to the College came to an unprecedented $22,010,414.74 — all in support of the vital scholarships, programs and services on which our students clearly depend. 

    Such loyalty, I am delighted to report, also is evident in the ongoing success of Invest in the Vision: The Campaign for Manhattan. When launched in September 2019, this transformative fundraising effort, the largest in our College’s history, had a stated goal of $165 million. Yet our benefactors had something even more impressive in mind. As of this writing, the campaign has raised an astonishing $211,369,933, far exceeding our original target, with 37 individual gift commitments of $1 million or more.

    With your support, we continue to implement much-needed changes to our campus infrastructure. For example, a $10 million gift from Stephen J. Squeri ’81, ’86 (MBA), our Board of Trustees chair, has enabled us to renovate the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers as well as Smith Auditorium, both in Squeri Hall. Last October, we dedicated the Aimee and Michael Kakos ’58 School of Science in recognition of their $15 million commitment. And this fall, we unveiled the refurbished third floor of De La Salle Hall, one of many ongoing improvements to the longtime home of our distinguished O’Malley School of Business.

    In these pages, you will meet many of the remarkable individuals and organizations that are making these and other advances possible. The beneficiaries, as always, are our students, talented young Jaspers who will carry the torch of Lasallian Catholic education into their communities and careers. Thank you again for your signal generosity this past year — and for all that you do to strengthen our mission at this time of change. 

    Thomas Mauriello

    Vice President, Advancement

  • Message from the Chair

    Dear Jaspers and Friends,

    I have found that sharing time, talent or treasure actually serves two parties: the beneficiary, and the benefactor. There are few better ways to accrue blessings, instill pride and improve our well-being than by sharing our resources.  

    As chair of the Fund for Manhattan these past three years, I have been deeply inspired by the remarkable dedication of our College’s alumni and friends. Now it is my pleasure and privilege to thank all of you for your unprecedented support this past year. Unrestricted and restricted gifts to the College for 2022–23 exceeded $22 million, significantly strengthening the financial assistance, mentoring and other critical services that Manhattan so proudly offers its students. As a result, new generations of Jaspers will be able to earn their degrees.  

    Your gifts are a wonderful investment in our collective future. Over the course of 170 years, Manhattan College graduates have made a tremendous difference in their communities and careers. Our fellow Jaspers have excelled in business, the arts, education, engineering, journalism, law and medicine — nearly every meaningful field that touches our lives. 

    I look forward to working with the College’s new president, Milo Riverso ’81, Ph.D., P.E., to continue our legacy and further strengthen our alma mater. Dr. Riverso is a distinguished 1981 graduate of Manhattan’s School of Engineering and an example of the positive impact Jaspers have had on an industry.  

    Thank you again for your truly remarkable generosity over the past year. Together, we will ensure that Manhattan College remains synonymous with unsurpassed excellence in Catholic higher education.

    Meg Walsh ’79, ’82 (MBA), ’93 (M.E.)

    Chair, Fund for Manhattan