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2023 Graduate Student Spotlights

Our advanced degree recipients have made the most of their education. Learn more about this accomplished group of students: 

BUSINESS | ENGINEERING | Continuing & Professional StudiesEDUCATION & HEALTH 

O'Malley School of Business

  • Clare Farrelly ’22, '23 (MBA)
    female student with brown hair sitting at desk in classroom

    Program: Five-year B.S./M.S. MBA

    Future Plans: I will be earning a Juris Doctor degree at Pace University School of Law.

    What made you choose the O'Malley School of Business for graduate school? I chose Manhattan College for graduate school because of the five-year B.S./M.S. MBA program, which allowed me to seamlessly get both my undergraduate and graduate credits needed for the CPA exam. The program has impressive and devoted faculty that continued mentoring me through my additional year at Manhattan. 

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College? The alumni, specifically Andersen alumni, that come back to the college year after year to not only recruit but also promote Jaspers have inspired my time at Manhattan College. Since I was a freshman I have had a meaningful relationship with the alumni recruiters, staff, and partners at Andersen who have guided me through my professional career. They offered me a full-time position for August while also encouraging me to pursue my interest in Law. These alumni have inspired me to come back to campus, make meaningful relationships with current students, and maintain those relationships throughout my professional career.

    Your advice to an incoming JasperAttend professional events and make meaningful connections with professionals who spend their time coming back to campus and offering opportunities.  

  • Fabiene Cristina de Carvalho da Costa ’23 (MBA)
    male student with blond hair and white shirt in front of green campus banner

    Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in organizations, markets and sustainability 

    Future PlansCareer growth in transportation engineering in the United States, focusing on improving the lives of people through better transportation.

    What made you choose the O'Malley School of Business and Manhattan College? I chose the O'Malley School of Business because even though I already have a master and doctorate degree in transportation engineering I wanted to improve my skills and knowledge of business and management.

    Manhattan College was actually the last institution that I applied to. I had acceptances from all the schools I had applied to but chose Manhattan College. As I am an international student I needed to be in a place with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. I considered all the information presented on the website and my own research in deciding in favor of Manhattan College. The campus and the faculty/alumni caught my attention. And truly, it felt like home to me right away.

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College?

    During my time at Manhattan College I found peace and quiet at the Grotto and Mini Quad behind Memorial Hall. It had a relaxing and reflecting atmosphere to it. The College faculty and administrative personnel are great. They are very friendly and collaborative. I will always have a special place in my heart for my advisor Professor Marc Waldman, Professor Evelyn Scaramella and Professor Amir Masoumi. They show dedication and passion for the work they do that is inspiring and they encouraged me to continue being myself and remain focused on education and acquiring new skills.

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: Ask questions! Be proactive! Enjoy the classes but also look for clubs and centers that the College offers and participate in the events and projects provided. You will meet new people with different ideas and culture and together with what is learning in the classes you will not only become a better professional but also a better person. I wish the best for you!


  • Joe Corrao ’23 (M.S.)
    male student with beard in front of campus archways

    Program: Construction Management

    Future Plans: I have been working full-time at AECOM in the Pre-Construction Services Group as an estimator/scheduler since July of 2022. This full-time position came after two summer internships that I secured through the Mentor Program at Manhattan College. I plan to move on to an assistant project manager role within AECOM in the next year to gain more field experience and advance in my career. 

    What made you choose the School of Engineering and Manhattan College? Since I was a kid, I was around construction and that fascination of building and creating has stayed with me since then. What always drew me to Manhattan were the amazing alumni and the weight that having an engineering degree from Manhattan College carries in the New York City area. Then once I was here, there were many faculty members and professors helping me make sure that I made the right decision on which engineering discipline I would pursue. 

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College?

    Professor Christina Cercone of the Civil Engineering department truly brought out the best in me as a student and pushed me to always be at my best. I was fortunate enough to have her for many of my core classes and be a part of a research team with her. In my time at Manhattan as an undergraduate, I was able to be a member of a research team that utilized a wind-water flume to study storm surge. The flume, constructed by a fellow classmate and I, was used to experimentally investigate innovative structures that can be used to mitigate storm surge flooding. This was one of my favorite experiences at Manhattan as it showed me a whole different side of academia and how to apply the knowledge that I learned in all of my classes. I cannot recommend enough to be a part of a research group, as almost all professors in engineering work on at least one project throughout the semester. All you have to do is ask them about it. 

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: Participate in the Mentor Program, which matches you with a professional mentor  often a Manhattan alumnus — who works in the industry or career you are interested in. This is a big career opportunity that not every college is able to offer. Many of my colleagues, myself included, have gotten internships and even full-time positions because of the alumni connections that the Mentor Program offers. Another thing that I recommend is to join as many clubs as you can and if you cannot find something that you like, make one with your friends. In my sophomore and junior year I helped start the Manhattan College Climbing Club and met some of my best friends here and made some great memories. 

  • Veronica Caruso ’22 ’23 (M.S.)
    female student with brown hair and flannel shirt in front of campus steps

    Program: Mechanical Engineering - M.S.

    Future Plans: Next year I will begin my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at Boston University.

    What made you choose the School of Engineering and Manhattan College? Manhattan College came across my radar because my sister came to college in New York City, and while I had initially applied the O'Malley School of Business at Manhattan, I knew when I came for accepted student's day that I wanted to join the School of Engineering tour instead. On that tour they took us by the Mechanical Engineering department where we heard from professor Graham Walker, who unfortunately passed in January of 2022 mid-way through my senior year. He spoke to us about all the different areas where mechanical engineers may play a role and the versatility of the topics we study, and really conveyed that this major is limitless. After that I was sold. I was ultimately inspired to pursue engineering, and go on that tour, by one of my high school teachers who introduced me to calculus and physics in such an insightful way. 

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College? While I accredit so much of my academic motivation and success to the Mechanical Engineering faculty, professor Parisa Saboori in particular has been a true mentor to me, and I do not think I would be in the same position I am now without her. Between my interest in biomechanics and her expertise in it, as well as her passion to help and motivate her students, she helped shape my academic, research, and professional goals. 

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: Think forward, not backward. Freshman year it is so easy to feel so much pressure in all your decisions because of where you think you need to be at the end of those four years. Rather than letting that stress take over, just give your 100% to what is at hand because you will develop skills unique to you and in the process learn what you both enjoy and do not enjoy which will guide your academic journey. I believe this will truly help land you where you are supposed to be by the end of your time at Manhattan.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies 

  • Oscar Leon ’21 ’22 (M.S.)
    male student with dark hair and suit

    Program: Organizational Leadership - M.S.

    Future Plans: I plan to pursue an additional degree with Manhattan College, participate in alumni activities and pay it forward to help future Manhattan College alumni and the community.

    What made you choose the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and Manhattan College? I was first a Manhattan College student over 20 years ago and had to part ways for personal reasons. It was always my intention to finish what I started, so I decided to do just that with the school that originally gave me the opportunity to continue my education. I also love and respect the Manhattan College Jasper community and culture. It is truly a learning environment and one that lends itself to personal and professional improvement which is something that I always want to be connected to.

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College?

    The list of names is too long to go through; there have been many people that have inspired and encouraged me along the way. I draw inspiration from fellow students, advisors, staff members and of course, professors. I feel as if encouragement and inspiration was and still is abundant at MC.

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

  • Michele Lee ’23 (M.S.)
    female student with short dark hair in front of campus tree

    Program: Organizational Leadership - M.S.

    Future Plans: Work hard in my career, learn new skills, and travel. 

    What made you choose the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and Manhattan College? I wanted to pursue a master's degree in business psychology, and Organizational Leadership caught my attention after I read the description and the curriculum.

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College? Professor Bruce Acton who taught our Capstone course told us to ask others their preferred method of communication. I found that to be insightful advice because people may prefer one form of communication to another.

    Your advice to an incoming JasperWelcome to the Jasper family! Whether you are pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, I hope you gain new knowledge from the classes that challenge your thinking and abilities. Keep it simple and ask questions. Your mental and physical health are the most important, so always take care of yourself.

Education & Health 

  • Thalia Ugarte ’23 (M.S.)
    female student with brown hair and glasses

    Program: Marriage and Family Therapy - M.S.

    Future Plans: I want to work with the Latino immigrant population through a systems lens while helping them work on their therapeutic goals as a family or as a couple. 

    What made you choose the School of Education and Health and Manhattan College? I wanted to change careers. I come from a communications and advertising background in Lima, Peru. Of all the schools I researched, Manhattan College offered me the chance to embark on a new journey with an amazing curriculum while also being able to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College? My classmates, which are all from different cultural backgrounds and each of them with different stories to share. They are very resilient people and I was constantly inspired and supported by them.

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: Your effort will pay off. Keep going!

  • Nieasha Grant ’23 (M.S.)
    female student with yellow handband and black jacket in front of pink flowers

    Program: Marriage and Family Therapy - M.S.

    Future Plans: My plan for the future is to work with the Caribbean population to help decrease the negative stigma surrounding therapy in our culture. I want to create a safe space for us to share and explore our unique experiences.

    What made you choose the School of Education and Health and Manhattan College? After graduating with my bachelor's degree, I knew I wanted to continue my journey to become a therapist and help others prioritize their mental health. More importantly, I was attracted to the College's small class sizes, flexible class schedules, and the opportunity to work with such experienced professors who strive to help students succeed.

    Is there one person, place or thing that inspired you during your time at Manhattan College? I believe the overall academic environment and sense of community at Manhattan College inspired me to continue to do my best.

    Your advice to an incoming Jasper: My advice to an incoming Jasper would be to continue pushing to become the version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of.