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Construction Management - M.S.

Construction management involves the planning, budgeting, coordination and supervision of construction projects from beginning to completion.

Why Choose Construction Management?

This 33 credit master’s degree in construction management is a stand-alone program open to students who have degrees in an engineering, science or business field with work experience in construction and construction management. The program is open to students of all experience levels — from recent graduates to engineers who have worked in the field for many years. It prepares graduates to advance their careers or continue on to doctoral studies.

Professional Development

If you are already working in the field, and have an interest in deepening your knowledge of construction management, this program will expand your professional options. With a focus on management rather than design, this master’s program can increase salary potential, upward mobility and management opportunities.

At Manhattan College, this program can be tailored to maximize your benefits. We offer 16 different courses that focus on the construction management process, including many that examine trends and patterns in the construction of:

  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • Educational institutions, schools and colleges
  • Residential complexes

New York City Connection

For the past 125 years, Manhattan College’s engineering graduates have designed the structures, bridges, tunnels, roads and water treatment plants that improve our quality of life. Building on this long tradition of esteemed engineering education, Manhattan College offers an extensive alumni network of construction management experts.

This program brings guest speakers and panels to campus to help you network with industry professionals. In addition, the program offers access to world leaders in the field of construction management, including:

  • Turner
  • Lend Lease
  • Gilbane
  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • Con Edison
  • STV
  • New York Power Authority
  • NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Expert Faculty

This program is highlighted by the experienced civil and environmental engineering professionals who develop and teach the coursework. All of your professors have worked or currently work in the field of construction management, and are highly-qualified experts in their areas.

What Will You Learn?

This program focuses on managing engineering systems rather than studying the systems themselves, which is covered in undergraduate study. It takes a comprehensive look at skills that translate across all engineering disciplines, including:

  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Control
  • Building System Design
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Contract and Specification
  • Construction Law
  • Construction Quality and Safety
  • Engineering Risk and Decision Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Construction Projects
  • Temporary Works in Heavy Construction
  • Managing Civil Infrastructure Systems
  • Sustainability

Admissions Requirements

Review the requirements and application process for this graduate program.

What Will You Do?

This program prepares students for management roles in the private and public sectors of the engineering industry, and provides a foundation for those who want to continue their education and pursue MBAs or doctoral degrees.