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Military & Veteran Requirements

While Manhattan College can never repay our nation's collective debt of gratitude to our service members and their families, we make a special effort to welcome and support all military veterans, service members and dependents of those who have served. This starts with the admission process and continues on through graduation. The following information details the various processes you will need to complete as part of your application to Manhattan College. Visit this page to learn more about our military and veteran support services.

Request Information

For Military & Veterans

  • Apply for Admission to Manhattan College

    You should apply as a FRESHMAN if you:

    • Served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Coast Guard (or are an eligible dependent).
    • Have not completed any college coursework online or at a college campus.


    • Served in the Air Force but do NOT have a CCAF/Air University or Joint Services Transcript.

    See Freshman Requirements

    You should apply as a TRANSFER if you:

    • Served in the Air Force and have a CCAF/Air University or Joint Services Transcript.


    • Served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Coast Guard AND completed coursework online or at a college campus prior to/during/after your military service.


    • Are an eligible dependent of a veteran from any military branch AND you have already completed some college coursework.

    See Transfer Requirements

    You should apply as a GRADUATE if you:

    • Completed an undergraduate degree at a regionally accredited college or university.

    See Graduate Requirements

    Additional Application Requirements 

    In addition to the items required for freshman and transfer applications, veteran applicants must also provide the following documents.

    Joint Services Transcript

    A majority of the coursework from your Joint Services Transcript will not be transferable, but we do require that you submit the documents. Military transcripts can be requested by visiting the Joint Services Transcript website.

    If you attended The Air University/Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), you can request your official transcript from the Air University website.

    Mail all official military transcripts to:

    Manhattan College
    Office of Admissions
    ATTN: Military & Veteran Recruitment
    4513 Manhattan College Pkwy
    Riverdale, NY 10471

    Recommendation Letter

    As listed in the freshman and transfer application requirements, you will need to submit at least one letter of recommendation. This letter can be completed by a commanding officer, high school teacher, employer or college professor.

    Application Timeline & Deadlines 

    Admission to Manhattan College operates on a rolling basis which means that there is no set deadline to submit your application. However, we have the follow guidelines in place:

    • If applying as a transfer, you should submit your application as soon as you begin your final semester at your previous college or prior to leaving active duty.
    • If applying as a freshman, you should submit your application by March 1.
    • Once we receive all of your required documents, it will take 2-3 weeks for you to receive an admissions decision or a request for additional information.
  • Apply for Veteran Education Benefits

    Apply for Military and Veteran Education Benefits

    Go to the Veterans Affairs website to apply for your educational benefits. Eligible veterans can also transfer Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) educational benefits to an eligible dependent.

    Submit Documents to Manhattan College

    After you have submitted your application for Veteran Educational benefits, submit the following documents to Manhattan College:

    Mail copies of the above documents to Manhattan College at:

    Manhattan College
    Student Financial Services
    ATTN: David Bollert, VA Certifying Official
    4513 Manhattan College Parkway
    Riverdale, NY 10471

    Academic Requirements for Eligibility

    The VA academic requirements for eligibility are as follows:

    Chapter 33

    Rate of pursuit applies specifically to Chapter 33. It differs from training time, which is used for all other chapters. Schools certify actual credit. VA calculates rate of pursuit by dividing the number of credit (or credit hour equivalents) being pursued by the number of credit considered to be full-time by the school. The resulting percentage is the student’s rate of pursuit.

    Examples: If full-time is 12 credits, then rate of pursuit for:

    • 6 credits (or credit equivalents) is 50% (6*12 = 50%)
    • 7 credits (or credit equivalents) is 58% (7*12 = 58%)

    The housing allowance is paid if the student’s rate of pursuit is more than 50%. Rate of pursuit determines whether a student receives or doesn't’t receive the housing allowance. If pursuit is greater than 50% and less than 100% the student receives a pro-rated amount of the housing allowance.

    Chapters 30, 1607, 1606, 35, and 31
    • Full-time: 12 credits
    • 3/4 time: 9 to 11 credits
    • 1/2 time: 6 to 8 credits
    • Less than 1/2 time: 5 credits or less

    Full-time equivalency is defined as regularly enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, full length of the term. Students certified for less than full-time will have their eligibility proportionately extended. Veterans registering for classes which meet for less than the standard 10-11 week session will be certified by the number of credits for the class and the class dates and paid accordingly.

    In addition, if you are covered under the MGIB-Active Duty (Chapter 30), MGIB Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606), Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP, Chapter 1607) or Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) you must verify your enrollment monthly using the W.A.V.E. system.

    You must have a current or active benefit award. These are records with activity in the last 12 months.

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

    Manhattan College participates in the VA Yellow Ribbon Program to assist with funding tuition expenses for military veterans and dependents. 

    This tuition benefit program includes both undergraduate and graduate study and either full or part-time enrollment. For eligible GI Bill® recipients, as a Unlimited Yellow Ribbon school this program allows you to attend Manhattan College in New York City at no cost. 

    See more information for the Yellow Ribbon Program. 


    The Department of Air & Space Studies (ROTC) provides pre-commissioning education for qualified students who desire to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force while still enjoying a civilian college life. The department offers both a three and a four-year commissioning program, each with its own special advantages.

    See more information about the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment at Manhattan College.

  • Military Mondays

    Meet with an Admission Counselor to review your application supporting documents - and you may be eligible to receive an admission decision that same day! The Director of Veteran Services will also be available to discuss any benefit-related questions. These events are typically held on the first Monday of each month. 

    If you are unable to attend our Military Monday event in-person on-campus, feel free to reach out to schedule a virtual appointment here. For additional questions or if you require assistance, please contact Helene Quezada, Assistant Director of Military & Veteran Recruiting at

Military & Veteran Services at Manhattan College

Manhattan College is consistently recognized as a top school for student veterans by U.S. News & World Report. Learn more about our homegrown Veteran Success program that provides a way for student veterans to acclimate to college life.

For Eligible Dependents

  • Apply for VA Benefits

    If you are an eligible dependent (survivor, spouse, or child) of a veteran, the VA provides education and training opportunities through the Dependants’ Educational Assistance (DEA) program (Chapter 35) which includes a stipend.

    • Eligible dependents must apply by submitting the VA Form 22-5490 and/or VA 22-5495 (if transferring colleges) form(s) online or by mail to the appropriate VA regional office.
    • Once your application has been processed by the VA, you will be mailed a certificate of eligibility (COE) which states your specific entitlements. You will need the SSN of the veteran in order to process the COE.
    • Please mail copies of the above documents to Manhattan College: 

    Manhattan College
    Student Financial Services
    ATTN: David Bollert, VA Certifying Official
    4513 Manhattan College Parkway
    Riverdale, NY 10471

    *Your documents may also be emailed to:  


For any additional questions about applying for admission to Manhattan College as a military service member, veteran, or dependent student, please contact:

Helene Quezada
Assistant Director of Military & Veteran Recruiting

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