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SVO: Student Veterans Organization

Veteran Students in front of adopt a highway sign with gardening tools.

A chapter of the national Student Veterans of America, the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) recognizes the unique challenges that veterans face in their transition to both civilian and academic life. This supportive community promotes awareness and coordinates programs and special events including:

  • Study groups and career resources for veterans
  • Peer support for student veterans
  • Guest speakers such as former NYPD Commissioner and Vietnam War veteran Raymond Kelly ’63
  • Stress-relieving yoga and meditation sessions
  • Barbeques, social events and group outings

The SVO organizes a weekly Open Table gathering, the 22 Push-Up Challenge for veteran suicide awareness, the Adopt-A-Highway program, participation in the New York City Veterans Day Parade, and academic panels led by student veterans for the entire student body. 

How to Join

Student Veteran of America Logo

All student veterans are welcome to join. For more information, please contact us at