Seamless Master's Program in Computer Science to Begin in Fall 2018

Students can complete a five-year program in computer science, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Students in computer science labManhattan College’s graduate program in computer science has designed a one-year master of science seamless program to the existing Bachelor of Science undergraduate program, starting in the fall of 2018.

The program will also be open for students with equivalent bachelor’s degrees from other institutions, including international students.

The program is open to all students interested in pursuing computer science theoretically, as well as practically, at an advanced level. It is designed to prepare students to enter computer-related industries directly after graduation, or to continue an educational path to a Ph.D. program.

The 30-credit curriculum is designed to allow students to extend and develop their skills needed to achieve leadership positions in industry, business, and government or related fields, where computer science has become an important tool. The coursework in the program represents a realistic balance between fundamental computer science theory and cutting-edge modern computing techniques and technologies.

Students entering the program after graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College will typically complete the program in two semesters. Students will need to take only 24 actual credits because they will be able to count six senior level undergraduate credits toward their graduate degrees.

Those students with an equivalent degree from any accredited American institution of higher education or international students will typically complete the program in three semesters. Those who may need to take courses missing from their undergraduate curriculum, but required for this program, will also typically complete the program in three semesters. Students may also pursue the program on a part-time schedule.

For more information about the one-year M.S. program and the B.S. program in computer science, contact Igor Aizenberg, Ph.D., professor and chair of computer science, at or (718) 862-7425.

By Pete McHugh