July 2014 News

  1. Manhattan College Sign

    Money Magazine Ranks Manhattan College 40th Among Best Colleges in the Country

    Manhattan College tops the inaugural Best Colleges ranking, which evaluates educational quality, affordability and career outcomes.

  2. Taylor Stump

    Recent Business Graduate Launches Cape Cod Cupcake Shop

    Taylor Stump ’14 opened Little Miss Cupcape, in Hyannis, Mass., and found inspiration in the quaint Cape Cod location.

  3. Manhattan College Quad

    Manhattan College Receives National Science Foundation Grant

    NSF selects College’s Rostislav Konoplich, professor of physics, and his students to conduct extensive research on Higgs boson, the subatomic particle that accounts for the creation of mass.

  4. model un team

    Biochemistry Major Collaborates on Water Filtration Research

    Monika Gruca ’15 is searching for a sustainable way of converting chromium (VI), a carcinogenic form of chromium, into its healthy counterpart chromium (III), under the tutelage of John Regan, Ph.D.

  5. model un team

    Biology Major Investigates Antiretroviral Drugs

    Under the guidance of her adviser, Dr. Mayer, biology major Sana Saeed '15 is conducting a research project on the interactions between anti-malarial and anti-retroviral medications.

  6. Manhattan College Students

    Extracurricular Excursions

    Manhattan's 60+ student clubs, organizations and honor societies take Jaspers from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to the top of the George Washington Bridge.

  7. Manhattan College Students

    The Big Apple and Beyond

    Whether it's the Concrete Jungle or an actual jungle, New York City and its surrounding states offer endless learning opportunities; a favorite among kinesiolgy majors is the outdoor workshop, May Camp.

  8. Manhattan College Students

    Off-Campus Collaboration

    Academic research takes many students beyond the traditional classroom to field sites on mountaintops and below the sea, in courses like BIOL 409: Marine Biology.

  9. Manhattan College Students

    Scholars of the World

    Dozens of dynamic courses are offered to students while studying abroad, from CHEM 090: Bio-Chemistry of Wine Making in Florence to SPAN 320: Cuba in Revolution.

  10. Manhattan College Student

    A Classroom in Motion

    Field work is a required part of SOC 304: Social Inequality and Class, which challenges students to compare the socioeconomic differences in two NYC neighborhoods by observing.

  11. Biology Students

    A Family Reunion

    Dr. Bruce Shockey and his BIOL 232: Evolution class "walk the branch" in the dinosaur wing of the American Museum of Natural History to learn about early species.

  12. New York City Artist

    Lessons From the Loft

    Students in ART 370: Current Trends: The New York City Art Scene visit an artist's home studio in TriBeCa and take part in a hands-on demonstration of two techniques.

  13. History Professor Julie Pycior

    History Professor Julie Leininger Pycior Publishes Book on Mexican-American Activism

    Award-winning author and historical adviser releases new book.

  14. Manhattan College Alumni

    First-Generation Jasper Twins Graduate Medical School Days Apart

    Elaina and Gianna Petrone, from the class of 2009, both recently graduated from medical school.

  15. Manhattan College

    Manhattan College Launches Campus Wide Energy Conservation Project

    In collaboration with H2O Applied Technologies, the College launched a large-scale water and energy conservation project in May 2014.

  16. Keith Brower

    Keith Brower Joins College as the new Dean of the School of Arts

    Seasoned professor of modern languages and former associate dean at Salisbury University began on July 1.

  17. model un team

    Of Algebra and Art

    What happens when you combine the creative efforts of a civil engineer and a mathematician? The result, a stunning series of seven stained glass windows, is displayed inside Manhattan College’s Mathematics department in the Research and Learning Center on Corlear Avenue.

  18. model un team

    Interdisciplinary Student Research Deciphers Mechanical Properties of Trees

    Mechanical engineering student Simon Mysliwiec ’14,’15M is working with professor biology professor Lance Evans and mechanical engineering professor Zahra Shahbazi during the summer to determine the mechanical properties of 30 different tree species.