The Big Apple and Beyond

Whether it's the Concrete Jungle or an actual jungle, New York City and its surrounding states offer endless learning opportunities; a favorite among kinesiolgy majors is the outdoor workshop, May Camp.

New York Stock ExchangeNew York City — there’s no place that quite matches the breadth of cultural, historical and social opportunities available to its residents. And just a ride on the 1 train puts Jaspers in the midst of it all. Students enrolled in GOVT 222: Power in the City, for example, take weekly trips to locations that help illustrate the history of political power and the role of money, public works, citizenship and media in the city — places like Wall Street, Times Square and the 9/11 Memorial.

MUSC 310: History of the Broadway Musical examines the tradition of song and dance set in perhaps the greatest theatrical city in the world.

Staying true to its Bronx — and Lasallian — roots, the College also offers classes that incorporate outreach to the local community. In RELS 205: Urban America and Catholic Social Teaching, students examine urban issues by completing 25 hours of community service outside of the classroom; feeding the homeless in Bronx soup kitchens and tutoring high school students at community centers.

May Camp in Connecticut“We try to realize the root causes of the problems and probable steps toward [social] justice,” says Chris Hoey ’17, an electrical engineering major. “It expands one’s point of view when you’re sitting at a table with six homeless men, eating a meal you’d take for granted every other day, and hearing their stories.”

Putting their skills to good use, broadcast majors in COMM 419: Advanced Television Production, partner with campus organizations and local nonprofits to produce minute-long public service announcements free of charge.

But learning doesn’t stop at the city limits. At the end of freshman year, kinesiology students attend what’s fondly known as May Camp — a two-week outdoor seminar in Connecticut that incorporates three classes — KIN 114: Small Crafts, KIN 116: Leisure Sports and Activities, and KIN 120: Outdoor Adventures. Students are tasked with everything from canoeing and sailing to completing a ropes course with team members.

“Some things you’d never try otherwise,” says physical education major Kelsey Rehain ’14. “You learn how to problem solve and take initiative. It teaches you a lot about yourself that you can apply as a student and an educator.”

Photos courtesy of Daniel Festa and Kelsey Rehain

By Julie Benns