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Passport Program

Passport Program image

The Passport Program is a co-curricular program that gives School of Business students the opportunity and incentive to develop as students and professionals, and to enhance their overall college experience. The objective of the program is to guide students through a successful path toward their desired careers.

The opportunities presented in the program include:

  • invitations to professional and social networking events
  • participation in academic and professional conferences and competitions
  • volunteer opportunities in the local and global community
  • research opportunities
  • internship opportunities
  • educational travel experiences
  • participation in many college programs outside the School of Business

Students are required to get a minimum of 100 points throughout four years. Those students who remain active in the Passport Program throughout four years of study are recognized, and receive a commencement cord to wear at graduation.

How to Join

All students in the School of Business are automatically enrolled in the Passport Program, and can chose to participate by attending events and getting involved. Visit the Passport Program website to see the calendar of upcoming Passport events and learn more about the program.

Passport Program Website