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Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge image

The Innovation Challenge at Manhattan College is hosted every year in March by the O’Malley School of Business. This co-curricular competition transforms students into enterprenaurs creatively generating an idea for an exciting and practical new product or service.

The competition is open to Manhattan College students of all academic disciplines, and interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. For example, engineering students may choose to team up with business students to blend their inventions with a professional business plan.

The Innovation Challenge offers students that join the opportunity to:

  • connect with others through professional and social networking events
  • participate in an academic competition and professional development

As an added incentive, and to help fund your startup, the total cash to be awarded in the 2023 Challenge is $10,000. Coordinators and judges will determine the amount to be divided among the winning teams.

Competition Rules

  • A percentage of the entries submitted will be selected to prepare a presentation on and model/example of their innovation.
  • The competitors should be able to answer questions from Expert
    Entrepreneurship Judges.
  • The presentations may be modeled after the TV show Shark Tank, and must include a business plan and budget for the innovation.
  • All presentations must be submitted in powerpoint.


Visit the Innovation Challenge website to learn more about the competition.

Visit the Innovation Challenge website