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Campaign Goals

As the pace of change presents new challenges, Manhattan must sustain—and strengthen—its legacy of success. That is the aim of Invest in the Vision: The Campaign for Manhattan. This $165 million funding effort has identified three top priorities: enhancing facilities; growing endowment for scholarships and faculty development; and securing unrestricted support. 

Why Now? 

Success always attracts attention. For a college its size, Manhattan often draws recognition from the media. Here is a list of our most recent rankings.

Manhattan is dedicated to making this quality education accessible to all worthy students. However, college expenses place a severe strain on a growing number of families. In particular, the rising costs of providing an education strains smaller private institutions like Manhattan, which competes with better-endowed schools. Closing this gap is a primary aim of Invest in the Vision.

Who knows how many lives will be changed and dreams made possible because of a Manhattan College education. It often starts with giving and caring people, like you."

John McAvoy ’80 , Chairman, President, CEO, Con Edison, Inc.