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Campaign Goals

Needs and Priorities

pie chartAs the pace of change presents formidable new challenges, Manhattan must sustain—and strengthen—its legacy of success. That is the aim of “Invest in the Vision”: The Campaign for Manhattan. This $165 million funding effort has identified three top priorities: enhancing facilities; growing endowment for scholarships and faculty development; and securing unrestricted support. Learn more:

Why Now?

Success always attracts attention. For a college its size, Manhattan often draws the lion’s share of recognition from the media. For example,

  • A PayScale report placed Manhattan in the top four percent of U.S. colleges and universities in terms of ROI (return on investment);
  • For the fourth consecutive year, Forbes ranks Manhattan among its “Best Value Colleges: 300 Schools Worth the Investment”—and one of America’s 15 leading Catholic institutions;
  • Money magazine rated Manhattan 17th on its lips of 50 top-value colleges;
  • Manhattan also placed 6th among “America’s Most Transformative Colleges,” according to Money’s Best Colleges for Your Money.”

Manhattan is dedicated to making this quality education accessible to all worthy students. However, college expenses place a severe strain on a growing number of families. In addition, the rising costs of providing an education strains smaller private institutions like Manhattan, which compete with better-endowed schools. Closing this gap is a primary aim of “Invest in the Vision.”

Who knows how many lives will be changed and dreams made possible because of a Manhattan College education. It often starts with giving and caring people, like you."

John McAvoy ’80 , Chairman, President, CEO, Con Edison, Inc.