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Campaign Progress

$213.2 Million Raised Toward Campaign Goal

Invest in the Vision is the most significant fundraising effort in Manhattan College history. We are profoundly grateful to the many loyal alumni and friends whose support strengthens our Lasallian Catholic mission for new generations of Jaspers. Thanks to their generosity, the College already has raised $213.2 million, surpassing the campaign's $165 million goal.

A Solid Foundation: Gifts of $1 Million or More

Leading benefactors have strengthened our campaign's progress by making 40 gifts of $1 million or more.

For 166 years, our College has prepared students of all circumstances for ethical leadership in their communities and careers. With the support of loyal alumni and friends, we will remain a beacon of opportunity for all Jaspers, regardless of means.

Brennan O’Donnell , President of Manhattan College

Every Gift Counts

Every gift to Invest in the Vision makes a meaningful difference in the lives and education of Manhattan College students. To date, over 15,000 generous friends and alumni have answered the call by contributing to our campaign.

The impact of your gifts is beyond measure. Manhattan has transformed students’ lives for more than 168 years. Today, the College is preparing new generations of worthy young men and women for positions of ethical leadership in their communities and careers. Your support makes Manhattan's continuing success possible.