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Endowment: Scholarships and Faculty Development

endowment: $50MAs a Lasallian Catholic college, Manhattan has a historic commitment to preparing young men and women for success, regardless of their economic circumstances. Today, one-third of our students are the first in their family to attend college. Thirty-one percent are members of underrepresented communities, and 30 percent receive Pell Grants for highest need.

Endowed Scholarships—These are permanent funds that generate revenue to provide students with annual support in perpetuity. Donors can name their scholarships for relatives, friends, former professors or others they wish to honor. In addition, restricted scholarships may require recipients to follow criteria such as a particular school or major.

Faculty Development—At a time of spiraling costs throughout higher education, Manhattan must compete with hundreds of better-endowed colleges and universities for a new generation of outstanding scholar-teachers. The problem will intensify as more faculty retire over the next two decades.

Endowed faculty chairs, research support, and other offerings are vital to attracting world-class professors—and they are principal goals of Invest in the Vision.