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Unrestricted Support

unrestricted: $35MManhattan’s mission remains strong even as the College continues to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. As always, unrestricted funds help to ensure the strategic flexibility to address constantly arising challenges and opportunities — all for the benefit of the worthy students we serve.


Two students in Thomas Hall student research center talking.Here are the vital aims we achieve through your generosity:

  • Academic Excellence: Keeping pace with ongoing enhancements in teaching and learning resources.

  • Spirituality and Social Action: Empowering students to learn, minister to and serve those in need as they live the College’s Lasallian Catholic mission.

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: Affording all worthy students with greater access to the many advantages of a Manhattan College education.

  • Mentoring and Career Services: Instilling students with self-sufficiency and independence through internships and job opportunities.

  • Current Technology: Providing students with the most advanced, state-of-the-art resources for classrooms, laboratories, and experiential learning.

  • Athletics: Strengthening the proud tradition of Jasper athletics, a source of pride and school spirit for all students at the Riverdale campus.

  • Student Activities: Cultivating personal growth and maximum exposure to the abundant resources available throughout New York City and the metropolitan area.

  • Campus and Facilities: Ensuring a welcoming, safe, well-tended and ultramodern learning and living environment.

In essence, unrestricted funds are a pillar of Manhattan’s ability to conduct ongoing operations, impacting every aspect of the student experience.