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Enhanced Facilities

Graphic of circle showing half full with $80 million in the center.New and upgraded classrooms, laboratories and other facilities will equip students with the academic resources needed to compete in a technology-driven workplace. These include the development of the College’s new South Campus, located across Manhattan College Parkway from our iconic main site.

  • Stephen J. Squeri ’81, ’86 (MBA) Donates $10 Million to Manhattan College

    stephen squeri

    American Express Chairman and CEO Stephen J. Squeri has made a $10 million donation to Manhattan College, it was announced publicly in December 2021. Mr. Squeri’s gift will be contributed to Manhattan College’s Invest in the Vision capital raising campaign and has helped the school surpass its goal of raising $165 million five years ahead of the initial target date. The gift will go toward enhancing Manhattan College’s facilities and infrastructure. 

  • Patricia and Cornelius J. Higgins ’62 Engineering and Science Center

    outside view of the higgins engineering and science academic building at manhattan college

    Opened in 2021, The Patricia and Cornelius J. Higgins '62 Engineering and Science Center is a 30,000-square foot academic facility on its South Campus, adjacent to Leo Hall. It is named after Patricia G. Higgins, Ph.D., and Cornelius J. (Neil) Higgins ’62, Ph.D., who provided a $5 million leadership gift for the Center. (Critical upgrades also are being made to Leo Hall and the Research and Learning Center.)

  • Renovate Buildings Across All Disciplines


    The College must renovate the century-old buildings surrounding the Quadrangle, including De La Salle and Miguel Halls, Smith Auditorium, and aging facilities such as Hayden.

    Upgrades already have strengthened the O’Malley School of Business. Along with a new Experiential Learning Center, Invest in the Vision will fund refurbished student and faculty spaces on De La Salle Hall’s third floor.

  • Schools of Liberal Arts, Science, Education and Health


    Invest in the Vision will enable these academic units to provide classrooms and labs with resources such as high-definition projectors, lecture-capture technology, podium computers including touch screens, 3-D printing, video conferencing, virtual reality applications and more.

  • Campus Living

    res hall

    Over the past quarter century, our College has made a successful transition from a commuter school to an overwhelmingly residential institution. Campus life has grown stronger as a result. Invest in the Vision will help to enhance residence life, modernize facilities and strengthen student activities.

  • Cultivating the Arts

    students playing violin

    Cramped former classrooms on the fifth floor of Thomas Hall serve as an ad hoc home to the performing arts at Manhattan. Invest in the Vision will support the conversion of Smith Auditorium into a black-box theater — a performing arts venue at the heart of the campus with exhibition spaces for the fine arts.

  • Points of Pride

    draddy gym floor with jaspers logo

    The distinguished heritage and continuing excellence of Jasper athletics strengthens the Manhattan College community. Invest in the Vision includes renovations of the historic Draddy Gymnasium and Gaelic Park, as well as new and improved spaces for lockers, coaches’ offices, strength and conditioning and sports medicine.