Talent & Special Scholarships

Special scholarships are offered to students who have demonstrated exceptional talents and/or leadership in their high school or community.

Due to the competitive nature of these scholarships, you will have to interview or audition, and submit additional application materials. Once awarded, these scholarships are offered for four years, as long as you maintain academic eligibility, in addition to the specific conditions of the scholarship. 

  • Athletic Scholarships

    For students recruited to participate on one of Manhattan College’s Division I athletic teams, there is the possibility of an athletic scholarship.

    • These students must be deemed admissible by our traditional academic standards.

    • Athletic scholarships and their amounts are determined exclusively by the Athletic Department.

    • These scholarships are renewable, subject to a student remaining academically eligible, and in accordance with specific conditions determined by the Athletic Department.
  • Performing Arts Scholarship

    The Performing Arts Scholarship is available to talented students who have been accepted into the freshman class and demonstrate exceptional ability in the area of instrumental or vocal music. Auditions are required to be considered for a Performing Arts Scholarship. To learn more about the ways you can get involved with performing arts at Manhattan College, see our list of ensembles

    Consideration and Continued Eligibility Criteria:

    • You must be able to read music and have experience in choir, orchestral, band or chamber music settings.

    • You must be accepted to Manhattan College as a freshman by February 15 in order to apply for this scholarship.  

    • You must perform a live audition for a panel of performing arts faculty. Recorded music will not be considered. Auditions will be held on Accepted Students Days in the spring. If you are unable to attend an Accepted Students Day, you may be able to schedule another time to audition.

    • You must submit the application form below.
    • Scholarship awards are contingent upon you enrolling in a minimum of two performing arts ensembles. Awards are dispensed each semester, and are renewable upon satisfactory evaluation by the ensemble director and the coordinator for performing arts. Criteria such as punctuality, attendance, leadership skills and progressive musical development, as well as remaining in good academic standing are critical to successful evaluation.

    • The award is $2,000 per year and will renew annually each year (for a maximum of four years), so long as the student maintains satisfactory participation in the College ensembles. 

    Audition Guidelines:

    • You must prepare two musical selections of contrasting styles and/or periods.

    • Instrumental students will be required to play a two-octave major and minor scale chosen by the panel.

    • Vocalists should be prepared to sing one of the musical selections in a language other than English.

    • Both vocalists and instrumentalists will be given a short selection to sight-read.

    For more information, please contact Andrew Bauer, director of performing arts, at andrew.bauer@manhattan.edu or 718-862-7254.

    Apply for a Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Quadrangle Student Newspaper Scholarship

    The Quadrangle Scholarship, named after Manhattan College’s weekly student newspaper, The Quadrangle, is awarded to a select number of accepted students who have experience working for their high school’s newspaper, yearbook, or literary magazine and wish to continue that interest at Manhattan College by writing for, editing, producing, and managing The Quadrangle.

    • Recipients of this award are required to take three one-credit classes during their first three semesters on campus and contribute regularly as a reporter, newswriter, and editorial staff member of The Quadrangle.

    • Each scholarship of $2,500 per semester is renewable at the end of every semester pending the student’s performance.

    • Students who are interested in applying for this award must be accepted to Manhattan College as freshmen by March 1.

    • Accepted applicants must submit a letter outlining their skills and qualifications with no more than two samples of their work to Thom Gencarelli of the Communication Department at thom.gencarelli@manhattan.edu

    • Finalists will be asked to interview during Manhattan College’s Admitted Students Days, which are held each spring.

    See additional details about the scholarship.

  • Lasallian Leadership Award

    Named after Saint John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, this scholarship is awarded to a select number of accepted students from Lasallian high schools who have demonstrated significant leadership and excelled in the area of service, both in their high school and community, and wish to continue in that spirit of service at Manhattan College.

    • Recipients of this award are expected to become leaders on campus who actively participate in service projects through Manhattan College's various Lasallian groups and organizations.

    • Students who are interested in applying for this award must be accepted into Manhattan College as freshmen by March 15.

    • Applicants must complete a short essay (250-600 words) based on the following topic: Describe how you were a Lasallian leader during high school and name some examples. How will your experience translate as a student at Manhattan College?

    • Applicants must also provide a list of clubs and service organizations that show involvement and leadership roles held during high school.

    • Application materials should be emailed to the Lasallian Leadership Committee at LLA@manhattan.edu, or they can be mailed to Manhattan College Admissions (Attn: Lasallian Leadership) at 4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Riverdale, NY 10471 by April 1. Emailing all materials is preferred. 

    • For additional information, please see the Lasallian Leadership Award brochure.