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Tuition & Fees

There's no question that a college education is a significant investment. However, unlike many other colleges and universities with comparable tuition rates, Manhattan College is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the nation for offering a high return on investment. The investment you make in your education at Manhattan College will pay you back in the form of higher salaries and greater opportunities over the course of your career.

  • SCPS Undergraduate Degrees Tuition & Fees

    2022-23 Rates

    Tuition and fees cost
    Undergraduate Continuing and Professional Studies- Accelerated Bachelor's Tuition per credit $760
    Undergraduate Continuing and Professional Studies-Bachelors in NMT/RTT Tuition per credit $1,300
    Undergraduate Information Services Fee per term- Accelerated Bachelor's Tuition per credit $100
    Undergraduate Part-Time Information Services Fee per term- Bachelors in NMT/RTT $100
    Information Services Fee per term (resident student surcharge) $210
    Student Health Insurance** $2,524
    Non-Matriculation Fee per term $230

    ** Student Health Insurance will be assessed to all international students, resident students and students participating in intercollegiate athletics. The charge can be waived if proof of existing comparable coverage is submitted by the published deadline and approved by the insurance provider.  If you have not waived the MC-SHIP health insurance coverage for the Fall & Spring academic year, you will see a charge of $2,524 on your statement for the health insurance plan ($1,466 if enrolled Spring only). For more information on whether your student status places you under the health insurance mandate and for information and deadlines for the online waiver/enrollment process, please visit:

    The School of Continuing and Professional Studies payment policy for students pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership has been designed to ensure that students complete the program and earn their degree with their financial obligation to the College satisfied.  Payment deadlines for students pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership are set based on the course structure, therefore tuition and fees are due one week prior to the start of each part of term.