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Financial Aid

Manhattan College is happy to help connect you with a number of resources that can help you pay for your degree as an adult learner. Whether you are going back to school or starting for the first time, as a New York State resident you have a variety of loan options available to you.

State Aid

Below is some information pertaining to state aid available to qualifying residents of New York. You can also view a full listing of all NYS-based aid.

Substantial funding from outside sources, including some types of state aid (excluding TAP, in most cases), such as those given in NYS Memorial Scholarships, NYS World Trade Center Memorial Scholarships, and Flight Memorial Scholarships may impact your awards. Award adjustments can vary from the reduction of loan offers to a decrease in other institutional aid offered. Please email us at if you anticipate receiving any of these awards. 

  • Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

    HEOP provides supportive services and financial aid to New York State residents who meet specific academic and financial criteria, and attend independent colleges and universities in New York State.