Paris, France (Summer)

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Examine the politics, history, and cultural identity of France through the music, architecture, and museums in Paris and Versailles. Every week the class experiences the thrill of live music by attending concerts, and enjoys the pleasure of “haute cuisine” at bistros and restaurants in Paris and Versailles. While visiting several museums, parks, and cemeteries, students participate in the adventure of scavenger hunts, looking for clues that answer specific research queries into the life and artistic identity of the French people.

Dates Offered

  • Summer break

Courses & Credits

This 6-credit program is open to all majors, and meets the requirements of MUSC 150, required of all School of Science and School of Liberal Art students. It is also combined with 3 credits of French language at L’Institute Catholique de Paris:

  • MUSC 150/305: Music and French Identity – Paris and Versailles (3 credits)
  • French Language (3 credits)