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Paris, France (Summer)

Illustration of ideation process

Examine the politics, history, and cultural identity of France through the soundscape of Paris and Versailles. Experience the thrill of field recordings on the streets of Paris as you travel through the cityscape equipped with a microphone and your mobile device. Students will explore culturally-rich neighborhoods and enjoy the pleasure of “haute cuisine” at French restaurants and bistros. Every class will take place at a select location in the city and the group will visit museums, parks, monuments, churches, cemeteries, and open-air performance spaces. Following the course, students are required to submit an audio essay, which highlights a critical awareness of the sonic heritage of Paris and Versailles, from Ancient Gaul to today.

Dates Offered

This is a two and a half week long Summer program. This program will be on hiatus in 2023 and will be offered again in Summer 2024.

Courses & Credits

This 3-credit program is open to all majors and meets the requirements of MUSC 150 (Roots: Music), required of all School of Science and School of Liberal Art students. It can additionally count for the Sound Studies major or the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAsH) minor, as well as the School of Engineering Humanities Elective requirement.

  • MUSC 150/305: Music and French Identity – Paris and Versailles (3 credits)


Participants on this program will travel with a group of Manhattan College students and will be led by an MC faculty member. Tuition, excursions and cultural visits, round-trip flights out of New York City, housing in shared rooms for the duration of the program, some meals, and international health insurance are included in the program fee.