Paris, France (Winter)


Choose a Paris-based course led by a Manhattan College professor:

Saints and Catholic ImaginationExplore the Examine the function of holy men and women within their religious traditions as well as their ethical perspectives on the contemporary world. The program includes study of the cult of Saints, hagiography, and Saints of own time, with an emphasis on the Parisian church.

Paris, Religion, and the Intellectual Life: Survey the impact of some of the major figures on the foundations of western theology, spirituality, and sociology. Some attention will also be paid to notable artists whose work has deep spiritual and ethical significance. Tour these schools and familiarize yourself with the context in which these landmark figures developed their thought.

Dates Offered

This is a two-week long program.

  • Winter break

Courses & Credits

Open to all majors. Choose one of the following:

  • 3 credits - RELS 200/300: Special Topics: Saints and Catholic Imagination
  • 3 credits - RELS 200/300 - Paris, Religion, and the Intellectual Life