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Venice, Italy - Digital Arts Research

Illustration of ideation process

A virtual version of this course will be offered during the Winter Intersession 2020/21! The class will focus on exploring the art and architectural history of Venice from the perspective of the city's storied canals. Using innovative immersive media technology, the course virtually transports students to the Venetian waterways via 360 videos, enabling the "first-hand" study of the waterways' spatial, visual, and experiential properties (such as reflections of light and color) as well as their dynamic urban environment. Email to get more information and to register for this course!

When the travel version of this course is able to be offered, the course description is as follows: Explore the architecture and history of Venice as seen from its canals! Participants in this intimate research abroad program will learn how the contruction of Venice related to its residents' views of the city and how it has been depicted throughout time by different artists. Students will utilize 360 degree cameras to capture footage from the canals and will create their own digital images and VR videos of the city as part of their coursework.

Dates Offered

When offered in a travel format, this is a two week long January intersession program. The Winter Intersession 2021 projected travel dates were: Dec. 26, 2020-Jan. 10, 2021.

The travel component of this course has been cancelled for Winter 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and has been replaced with a fully virtual course:

  • Winter Intersession 2021 projected virtual course dates: Jan. 4-25, 2021

Courses & Credits

This course is open to all majors.

  • ART 150, ART 380, or ART 402: Venice from the Water (can count as an Arts elective or go towards Art History, Digital Media Art, or Digital Arts and Humanities (DAsH) requirements)
  • 3 credits