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Rome, Italy (Summer)


Spend a month in Rome, Italy, honing your Communications and/or Italian Language skills while completing an optional social justice-focused internship. Students have the option to take 6 credits of Communications, Italian, and/or internship coursework as part of this program.

Dates Offered

This is a four week long Summer program.

  • Tentative dates for Summer 2020: May 28-June 28

Courses & Credits

This program is open to all majors. Choose 2 classes or 1 class and an internship for 6 credits total:

  • ITAL 216/316: Aspects of Italian Culture (3 credits)
  • COMM 271: Transnational Mass Communication (counts for Global/Non-Western requirement)/COMM 371: Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
  • 3-credit social justice-focused internship