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Barcelona (Winter)

A group of students eats together in Barcelona.Experience Spain during winter break while learning about the connections between culture, literature, and food.  A Manhattan College faculty member will teach "Food Writing in Literature" while using the city of Barcelona and the larger region of Catalonia as the classroom. Students will explore food writing from ancient times through the present while experiencing Catalan cuisine firsthand.

Dates Offered

Winter Intersession 22-23 estimated travel dates: January 2 - January 15, 2023

Courses & Credits

This program is open to all majors and may count towards major, minor, concentration, or core requirements; it may also be used as an elective.

  • ENGL 292/392: Food Writing in Literature (3 credits)


A group of students listens to a Catalan farmer speak.Participants on this program will travel with a group of Manhattan College students and will be led by an MC faculty member. Tuition, excursions and cultural visits, round-trip flights out of New York City, housing in shared rooms for the duration of the program, some meals, and international health insurance are included in the program fee.