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Undergraduate Programs

  • Chemical Engineering

    Students conduct an laboratory experiment.

    At Manhattan College, the chemical engineering major is designed to develop your fundamental engineering skills as well as the communication skills and ethical tools to make you an effective professional.

  • Civil Engineering

    Students work on experiment in soil laboratory.

    Civil engineers use mathematics and science to solve environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation and water resources problems. Civil engineers are involved in the design and construction of facilities that affect all aspects of human life.

  • Computer Engineering

    Students and professor at computer.

    Computer engineering is the intersection of electronic engineering and computer science. Computer engineers create digital systems and devices that allow people to communicate information globally.

  • Electrical Engineering

    Students explore electricity in the classroom.

    At Manhattan College, the electrical engineering program teaches you the physical and engineering principles needed to design and operate all kinds of complex devices and systems.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Students in the classroom watch a presentation on mechanical engineering.

    Mechanical engineering is considered the "general practitioner" of the engineering disciplines, focused primarily on the conversion, transmission and use of power.