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Graduate Programs

  • Chemical Engineering - M.S.

    students work in lab

    At Manhattan College, the graduate program in chemical engineering is designed to advance your engineering skills as well as the communication skills and ethical tools to make you an effective professional.

  • Civil Engineering - M.S.

    Engineers overseeing a construction project.

    Manhattan's master's degree in civil engineering is designed for professionals looking to polish their skill set and advance into specialized opportunities, senior positions or doctoral studies.

  • Computer Engineering - M.S.

    Student learns computer engineering principles in the classroom.

    Computer engineers are some of the most sought-after employees in today's world.  Graduates of this program pursue software engineering and other sought-after fields,  advance in their current position or apply to a Ph.D. program.

  • Construction Management - M.S.

    Construction manager on a job site

    This 33 credit master’s degree in construction management is a stand-alone program open to students who have degrees in an engineering, science or business field with work experience in construction and construction management. The program prepares graduates to advance their careers or continue on to doctoral studies.

  • Electrical Engineering - M.S.

    Students present their findings on a projector screen.

    As a graduate student in electrical engineering, you will learn to design and operate all kinds of complex systems and devices.

  • Environmental Engineering - M.S. or M.E.

    student and professor in class

    This program prepares you to solve the challenges of providing safe and reliable drinking water, clean air and waterways, proper disposal of solid and hazardous waste, environmental site restoration, and responsible management of our natural resources.

  • Mechanical Engineering - M.S.

    Teacher writes equations on board.

    Mechanical engineering is considered the "general practitioner" of the engineering disciplines, focused primarily on the conversion, transmission and use of power.