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2018 Business Analytics Competition

The fourth annual Business Analytics Competition was held at Manhattan College in May 2018. The event boasted 72 participants from 17 different colleges. Two phases of data were provided to the competitors. Phase one was distributed months prior to the competition, allowing for ample time to design and construct a poster that illustrated the solutions. Phase two, on the other hand, was only made available to competitors 24 hours before presenting.

Aside from the competition, there were esteemed keynote speakers. On the first night, all students and faculty advisors spent the evening on a New York City Excursion at Bowlmor Lanes for some fun and to establish relationships with other participants. 

  • Participants
    Institution Prize        Poster
    Elon University Best Poster Exploring M/WBE Contracts and Spending in NYC
    Hamline University New York City Charter Schools
    La Salle University Who's watching the Money?
    Le Moyne Department of Education Spending in NYC
    Lucian Blaga University of Siblu Romania     NYC Open Data - A Hunt for Mistakes or a Way to Improve Local Government?
    Manhattan College Jasper Analytics: Discover the Dark Side of Gotham
    Niagra University 2nd best poster How is the New York City's Government Using Money?



    Otterbein University Team 1

    Otterbein University Team 2

    Mysterious Miscellaneous

    An Analysis of M/WBE Contracts in OneNYC's Diversity and Inclusion Program

    Pace University Minority and Women Business Enterprises in New York City
    Saint Mary's College of California 3rd place overall Budget Dumping in New York City
    St. Joseph's University 2nd place overall New York City Budget Discrepancies Poster
    St. Mary's University - Texas Effect of Contract and Spending Distribution on M/WBE Contract Performance
    The College of New Jersey NYC Governmental Spending and Contract Data
    Universtiy of Akron Operation: Budget NYC 
    University of San Francisco  3rd best poster Team Ghiradelli
    University of Waterloo 1st place overall Big Data in the Big Apple

    The posters included here are from the institutions that granted permission to publish their posters online.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Drew Conway

    Dr. Drew Conway Head shot

    Drew Conway is a world-renowned data scientist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He’s built companies, and has advised and consulted across many industries---ranging from fledgling start-ups to Fortune 100 companies---as well as academic institutions and government agencies at all levels. In 2015, Drew founded Alluvium to bridge the gap between industrial machine data and the business and consumer users who utilize this data to make better decisions. He serves as Alluvium’s CEO and is the driving force behind the company’s vision and growth in its early years.


    Dr. Ben Wellington

    Dr. Ben Wellington Head shot

    Ben Wellington is the founder of I Quant NY, an open data movement in NYC. I Quant NY is meant to give a glimpse at the possibilities of a future with truly open data. Ben picked at the limited number of data sets that have become public, and have shown that opening up data leads to a world where government and citizens become partners in making our City better.

    Ben is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the City & Regional Planning program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where he teaches a statistics course.  But unlike other stats courses, this one is based on real NYC open data. Mr. Wellington is also a quantitative analyst at a tech company called Two Sigmna, and he teaches public speaking and job training skills through improv comedy with  Cherub Improv.

    Ben has a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Natural Language Processing) from NYU and a B.S. in Math and Computer Science from Bucknell University

    Prior to joining Distillery in 2010, Claudia worked at IBM’s Watson Research Center, focusing on data analytics and machine learning. She holds a PhD in Information Systems from New York University (where she continues to teach at the Stern School of Business), and an MA in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.


  • Judges

    David Romoff

    David Romoff Head Shot

    David Romoff is a risk management consultant with 10 years of experience modeling market and credit risk using the latest methods and technologies. David's recent work includes serving as Manager of Risk Management at On Deck Capital, a business lending company in the FinTech space that uses machine learning models to underwrite loans. Previously, David worked in Enterprise Risk Management at AIG for five years where he designed and supported models on insurance risk, credit risk, and capital allocation. Before AIG, he worked at Bear Stearns in counter-party credit risk. David has an MBA from the Zicklin School of Business in New York City and a Master of Science in Actuarial Science from Columbia University.


    Mike DeAngelo

    Mike Deangelo Head Shot

    Mike DeAngelo has spent his entire 25 year career building software to collect data and turn that data into actionable business insights. A little over three years ago he joined Looker Data Sciences, Inc., a software firm based in Santa Cruz, California that is building a modern business intelligence platform designed to democratize data within businesses. Prior to joining Looker, Mike spent 11 years working for Composite Software, a software company that built data virtualization and federated query tools. Composite Software became part of Cisco in 2013. To find out more about what Mike does, go to and see data in action at


    Dorit Nevo

    dorit nevo pictureDorit Nevo is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of the MS program in Business Analytics at the Lally School of Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Before joining RPI, she was an Associate Professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business. She received her PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of British Columbia and her M.Sc. in Economics from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

    Dr. Nevo has been teaching Introductory Statistics since 2003 and is very passionate about the importance of making sense of data in businesses. Besides Introductory Statistics, she also teaches courses on Applied Analytics and Predictive Modeling and on Management Information Systems. Dr. Nevo’s research focuses on technology-mediated collaboration and knowledge management, such as collaborative visualization of big data for decision making, expertise location in organizations, learning analytics, and crowdsourcing. Her published work includes articles in Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Communications of the ACM, Sloan Management Review, and The Wall Street Journal.


    Nneka Penniston

    Nneka Penniston Head shot

    Nneka Penniston is currently an Assistant Vice President of Community Development Data & Analytics at Citi. Her primary responsibility is in business analytics and database administration of CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) data. Nneka began her career in 2004 at Vanguard where she held various roles including data administrator, service associate, and corporate trainer of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. In 2008 she began working in the healthcare industry as a data science analyst. She has a Master of Science in Business Analytics from NYU Stern School of Business, in which her data science capstone was a collaboration with Citi Bike to improve rebalancing of the New York City bike share program.