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The Kakos School of Arts and Sciences is a vibrant, interdisciplinary community of student and faculty scholars working together to advance excellence in research, teaching, and learning. We combine Lasallian values with a person-centered approach to education to cultivate transferable critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills. Our students have the unique opportunity to scaffold their disciplinary passions on a strong foundation of the liberal arts and sciences to help them become successful, ethical professionals and community-engaged stewards of the future.

The Kakos School of Arts and Sciences has several Centers that support the interdisciplinary work within our community of scholars.  These Centers provide a forum for scholars to address problems and forge solutions in the local community and around the world.  

  1. Center for the Engagement of the Manhattan College Community in Scientific, Inclusive Teaching
  2. Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES)
  3. Dororthy Day Center
  4. Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center
  5. Kakos Center for Scientific Computing

Our Vision

The Kakos School of Arts and Sciences promotes a person-centered, inquiry-based education through academic experiences designed with interconnected areas of study. Distinguished faculty and personalized mentorship transform eager minds into thinking professionals prepared to find innovative solutions to modern problems and challenges, from the classroom through any chosen career. Through the many academic programs offered within the 12 departments of the School, students can take advantage of the boundless opportunities at their doorstep, while experiencing a campus community that is encouraging and caring.

Areas of Study

The academic programs you’ll find in the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences are as wide-ranged as the students within them. You will have the chance to make learning come alive through a variety of immersive, hands-on experiences in New York City and beyond. Whether you want to pursue a degree in digital media arts or explore a biochemistry path, you’ll find supportive guidance from our top-ranked faculty and have access to our academic support services, tutoring sessions and career workshops to earn your degree and launch a successful career.


The Kakos School of Arts and Sciences is committed to the highest academic standards in its pursuit to mold next-gen leaders who positively impact our world.