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Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services - Advanced Certificate

The bilingual extension/bilingual pupil personnel services programs prepare New York State counselors, school psychologists, and social workers to enhance their skills in working with a culturally diverse population and to bridge gaps created by cultural and language barriers.

Why Choose Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services?

In today’s world, it is essential to provide bilingual services to linguistically diverse students and their families. The extension enables anyone who is completing the M.A. in school counseling to extend that degree to gain New York State certification as a bilingual counselor. The advanced certificate in pupil personnel services prepares counselors, social workers or psychologists to specifically work with bilingual/multicultural students. This course of study leads to a bilingual advanced certificate in pupil personnel services in New York State.

The Classroom

The small class size provides students and professors the opportunity to collaborate and get to know one another. We accept students from diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences. Each student brings their knowledge and perspective, which enriches everyone in the classroom. Most students form lifelong connections.

The Faculty

The faculty in this department are more than professors, they’re practitioners, from mental health and school counselors to psychologists. Their diverse training and years of job knowledge will enhance your classroom experience and accelerate your learning.

The Location

Located in the neighborhood of Riverdale, our campus is uniquely positioned within New York City’s Bronx borough, close to Manhattan and to lower Westchester, just minutes away from some of the most diverse school districts in the nation. As a student in the bilingual pupil personnel services program, you will gain 3-credit hours of supervised, on-site experience providing service to culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to foster the development of individuals across cultures and languages. By merging theory with practice, you will emerge with the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to:

  • Assess, counsel and facilitate linguistically and culturally diverse students
  • Discern how social and cultural influences relate to counseling and consultation services
  • Engage with emerging professional thought and practice
  • Be an empathic, caring human service provider

This course of study may be taken as an extension of the M.A. in school counseling or as a stand-alone program if you are a counselor, social worker or psychologist seeking New York State requirements.

See the Degree Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Review the requirements and application process for this graduate program.

What Will You Do?

This course of study prepares counselors, social workers and psychologists to work with bilingual/multicultural students and is registered by the State of New York.