Faculty members in the School of Engineering do much more than teach the fundamentals. Students and professors can be seen together working on research and other projects outside of the classroom. Through these interactions with the faculty, students have the opportunity to conduct independent research in areas such as robotics, computer-aided design and environmental engineering.

Many of the faculty members are recognized within their areas of expertise, and about 25% of them hold professional engineering licenses in New York or other jurisdictions. In addition, the programs in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET, which evaluates faculty as one of several accreditation criteria.

Full-Time Faculty

Chemical Engineering

J. Abulencia
Ann Flynn
Elizabeth Lennon
Gennaro Maffia
Yanir Maidenberg

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hossain Azam
Kirk Barrett
Robert Brakman
Jeanette Brown
Christina Cercone
Anirban De
Kerryanne Donohue-Couch
Mohab El-Hakim
Kevin Farley
Daniel Hochstein
Moujalli Hourani
Evangelia Ieronymaki
Yongwook Kim
Scott Lowe
Goli Nossoni
Mehdi Omidvar
Walter Saukin
Victoria Scala
Robert Sharp
Matthew Volovski
Qian Wang
Reeves Whitney
Jessica Wilson

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mahmoud Amin
George Giakos
Brent Horine
Robert Mauro
Chester Nisteruk
Nevzat Ozturk
Romeo Pascone
Evriclea Voudouri-Maniati
Yi Wang

Mechanical Engineering

Oleg Goushcha
Frank Henry
Nand Jha
John Leylegian
Bahman Litkouhi
Sandra Lopez
Mohammad Naraghi
Philip Pritchard
Parisa Saboori
Zahra Shahbazi
Graham Walker

Adjunct Faculty

Accounting / Law/ CIS

Chemical Engineering

Connor Bilchak
Robert Tota

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ralph Amicucci
Tony Canale
Paul Evans
Sarah Fitzmaurice
Edward Garvey
William Helmstadt
William Horgan
Alfred Klein
John Krol
John Kuprenas
John Lawler
Matthew Litman
Francis Lombardi
Michael McNicholas
Karen Merrill
Elizabeth Olson
Frank Perricelli
Paul Schmall
Gerarda Shields
Peter Sweeney
Milan Vatovec
Thomas Welby

Dean - School of Engineering

Richard Schneider

Dean - School of Science

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Louis Maiocco
Heba Moussa
Arismendy Ovalle
Ajaz Sana

Graduate Engineering

Frank Disalvo

Mechanical Engineering

John Catuogno
Ali Elmozughi
Hamed Kazerani
Thomas McKee
Alireza Vedavarz
Mohamad Zoghi

Part-Time Adjuncts

Robert Altomare
Christopher Alvarez