Lasallian High School Students Spend a Memorable Day at Manhattan College

Students from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft visited the College’s STEM facilities

Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft visited the School of Engineering About 40 high school students from Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) in Lincroft, New Jersey, visited Manhattan College on October 4 to do more than just network with faculty and mingle with students. They came to the College for an immersive experience where they were able to gain insight and receive a brief orientation about the first-rate education Manhattan College provides for its STEM students. 

Their itinerary included a tour of the Higgins Engineering and Science Center and Leo Hall, and a student-led physics group discussion about cutting-edge research. Students also participated in a competitive engineering experiment that focused on the fundamentals of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering. 

Donald Gibson, Ph.D., dean of the O’Malley School of Business, spoke to the students about the academic and professional opportunities that are available by combining both  business and engineering studies. Brother Daniel Gardner, FSC, president, joined the CBA Lincroft students for lunch, and Therese Heidelberger ’91, a physics and engineering teacher at CBA, returned to her alma mater as a chaperone. 

“Nick Marter (associate director of undergraduate admissions) and I strongly believe that this was a phenomenal opportunity to not only build a relationship with students and faculty, but to introduce the CBA students to the wonderful opportunities that await them at Manhattan College,” said Benjamin Boivin, the director of undergraduate admissions. “This is a step we are taking to ensure Manhattan College is celebrated as one of the first and best Lasallian institutions for higher education in the world...CBA Lincroft is not only a top-ranked school in the Northeast, but as a member of our global Lasallian network, we are committed to offering our support in as many ways as possible.” 

"We were all very excited to experience a day with our fellow Lasallian educators and students at Manhattan College and to have the chance to see the opportunities that are offered by the new Higgins Engineering Center,” said Sean Nunan, associate principal for academic affairs at Christian Brothers Academy. “As a lifelong Lasallian, I hope that a number of our seniors consider becoming Jaspers after they leave CBA. Thank you to our colleagues at Manhattan for making this day possible.”