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Career Outcomes

Career prep translates to success each year for Manhattan graduates, who use the knowledge they gain through internships and other job-related experiences to land positions in their chosen field. Meanwhile, others pursue graduate education at leading academic institutions.

2020 Career Outcomes:

According to results of a follow-up survey completed in February-March of this year, the class of 2020 reported high rates of success in the following areas: 

Top Employers

The class of 2020 recently told the College about the jobs they accepted after graduation, and in what employment industries. Here are a few of the places where they're currently employed: 



JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



NBC Universal

New York City Department of Education

Prudential Financial

Con Edison

madison arndt
Being a Jasper has prepared me in my current role in all areas, but specifically above and beyond in skills of organization, networking and teamwork.

madison arndt '18 Assistant Director, Yale University Athletics

Plan Your Future

Graduate Education

The majority of 2020 graduates who enrolled in graduate school entered programs in engineering, business and education. 58% of those going onto graduate school also stayed at Manhattan College. Many of the students going to graduate school are pursuing medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, podiatry, physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, and public health. 

Manhattan students from the class of 2020 enrolled in programs at these and other graduate schools:

Saint John's University Law School

John Hopkins University

London School of Economics and Politcal Science

New York Medical College

University of Notre Dame

The New School, Parsons School of Design

Internships Lay the Foundation for Job Success

On average, approximately 73% of students at Manhattan College complete one or more internships. Here are a few of the companies Jaspers interned with during the summer of 2020.