Chemical Engineering Department Increasing Applied Research Opportunities

The department is collaborating with Insplorion on new opportunities in cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals.

Students working in chemical engineering labManhattan College’s chemical engineering department continues to innovate.

Insplorion, an organization based in Sweden that provides research instruments to scientists around the world, is collaborating with Samiul Amin, Ph.D., associate professor of chemical engineering at Manhattan College, for the development of applications with nanoplasmonic sensing (NPS) technology.

Both undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering students will work on projects covering biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 

“Prof. Amin has extensive knowledge in applied research and an impressive background in global industries, mainly within biopharma and cosmetics,” said João Rosa, Ph.D., an application specialist at Insplorion. 

“The collaboration encompasses the development of applications in these areas and opens a door into more applied research fields and opportunities. I am very happy to see that NPS’s potential in these areas is being noticed and very much look forward to seeing the outcome of this collaboration.”

Insplorion’s research instruments help to look at the human skin’s interaction with a variety of materials. Insplorion is particularly focused on lipid structures and product development in detergents and cosmetics. 

“Understanding interactions of various complex fluids – proteins, polyelectrolytes, surfactants, emulsions – with solid surfaces is a critical insight required for controlling and optimizing cosmetic and biopharmaceutical product performance,” Amin explained. 

“I see strong potential for Insplorion’s nanoplasmonic sensing technology in providing new insights in this critical area and allowing development of new products and optimization of current products. I am really looking forward to the start of a very fruitful collaboration between Insplorion and Manhattan College.”

By Pete McHugh