Samiul Amin

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Dr.Amin joined Manhattan College in Fall 2017 as a Research Associate Professor. In Spring 2018 he was appointed as an Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering department.He has been working in industrial R&D for the past 20+ years across a range of industrial sectors covering cosmetics, consumer goods and scientific instrumentation.  He has held senior level R&D roles at multiple global companies-L'Oreal, Unilever and Malvern Instruments. His research interest spans complex fluids, smart materials,  rheology/microrheology/tribology, advanced characterization, cosmetic & biopharmaceutical formulation design. In addition Dr.Amin has significant expertise in implementation of Open Innovation in global R&D organizations.Dr.Amin has served on several national and international committees in the area of soft matter/colloids and protein aggregation and has Chaired multiple International conferences in Europe and the United States.


PhD Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University

MS Chemical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University

BS Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University

Courses Taught



  • CHMG 735: Independent Project Or Thesis
  • CHMG 736: Independent Project or Thesis
  • CHMG 753: Advanced Processing Techniques
  • CHMG 758: Formulations I
  • CHMG 759: Formulations II
  • CHMG 760: Emulsion & Polymer Tech
  • CHML 400: Creativity & Innovation
  • CHML 453: Advanced Processing Techniques
  • CHML 458: Formulations I
  • CHML 459: Formulations II
  • CHML 460: Emulsion & Polymer Tech
  • ENGG 700: Creativity & Innovation
  • ENGS 115: Introduction to Engineering
  • ENGS 301: Engineering Professional Development I
  • ENGS 302: Engineering Professional Development II
  • Research

    Complex Fluids

    Smart Materials


    Light, X-Ray and Neutron Scattering

    Cosmetic Formulation Design

    Biopharmaceutical Formulations/Protein Aggregation

    Surfactant, Biosurfactant & Polymer Self-Assembly


  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Book Chapters

    • Rheology of Complex Fluids containing Nutraceuticals-S.Amin & K.Velikov-Handbook of Nutriceuticals II, Yashwant Pathak Editor, Taylor-Francis, May 2011(Invited)

    Peer Reviewed Journals

    Research Area:Complex Fluids (Self-Assembled Surfactants, Polymers, Phase Behaviour/Rheology/Microrheology/Novel Characterization)

    1. Revealing New Structural Insights from Surfactant Micelles through DLS, Microrheology & Raman Spectroscopy-Materials-2015, 8, 3754-3766-Samiul Amin*, Steven Blake, Rachel Kennel & E.Neil Lewis (Lead & Corresponding Author)
    2. Tracer Microrheology Study of a Hydrophobically Modified Comblike Associative Polymer-Langmuir- 2015,31 (13), pp 3944–3951-Ahmed A. Abdala, Samiul Amin, John H. van Zanten, and Saad A. Khan
    3. Passive optical mapping of structural evolution in complex fluids-RSC Advances-5, 5357-5362 (2015)-.G.Sepulveda, K.M.Douglass, Amin, E.Neil Lewis & A.Dogariu. 
    4. A Novel Combination of DLS-Optical Microrheology and Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy to Reveal Underlying Biopolymer Self Assembly and Gelation Mechanisms- Chem. Phys. 141, 234201 (2014); - S.Amin*, S.Blake, S.Kenyon, R.Kennel N.Lewis (Lead & Corresponding author)
    5. Impact of Branching on the Viscoelasticity of Reverse Worm Like Micelles, Soft Matter, 8, 10941-10949 (2012)-R.Angelico, Amin, M.Monduzzi, S.Murgia, U.Olsson, G.Palazzo.
    6. Microviscoelasticity of soft repulsive sphere dispersions: Tracer particle microrheology of triblock copolymer micellar liquids and soft crystals-Chem    Phys, 134, 174903, (2011) S.Tanner, S.Amin, C.J.Kloxin & J.van Zanten.
    7. Lauric acid-induced formation of a lyotropic nematic phase of disk shaped      micelles-Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (21), 7250–7260, (2010)-Giuseppe Colafemmina, Raffaella Recchia, Andrea S. Ferrante, Samiul Amin and Gerardo Palazzo.
    8. Elongational flow induced ordering in surfactant micelles and mesophases,  Journal of  Physical Chemistry  B, 110 (2),1073-1082    (2006).Penfold J. ; Staples E. ; Tucker I. ; Carroll P. ; Clayton I. ; Cowan J. S.  Lawton  G. ; Amin S. ; Ferrante A. ; Ruddock N.
    9. Brownian motion of colloidal spheres in aqueous PEO solutions, Macromolecules, 37 3874-3880 (2004).J.H. van Zanten, Amin.S, and A.A. Abdala
    10. Concentration Fluctuations in CTAB/NaSal Solutions”, Langmuir 17, 8055-8061 (2001)Amin.S, T.W. Kermis, R.M. van Zanten, S.J. Dees & J.H. van Zanten, “
    11. Full characterization of colloidal dynamics at low-Péclet numbers- Langmuir,201531 (38), pp 10351–10357-.G.Sepulveda, S.Amin, E.Neil Lewis & A.Dogariu
    12. An algebraic approach for determining viscoelastic moduli from creep compliance through application of the Generalised Stokes-Einstein relation- Rheol.Acta 26 (2016) 15130 J.Duffy, R.Jack & S.Amin

     Reasearch Area:Biopharmaceuticals/Protein Aggregation Focus

    1. Structural Changes and Aggregation Mechanisms for Anti-Streptavidin IgG1 at Elevated Concentration, Phys. Chem. B2015119(49), pp 15150–15163- Gregory V. Barnett†, Wei Qi‡, Samiul Amin‡, E. Neil Lewis‡, Vladimir I. Razinkov§, Bruce A. Kerwin§, Yun Liu†⊥, and Christopher J. Roberts*†-Collaboration with Amgen, University of Delaware
    2. Colloidal Stability & Conformational Changes in β-lactoglobulin-Unfolding to Self-Assembly-Int. J. Mol. Sci, 16, 17719-17733 (2015)-S.Blake, S.Amin*, M.Majumdar E.N.Lewis(S.Amin Invited Article-Corresponding author)
    3. Aggregate Structure, Morphology and the Effect of Aggregation Mechanisms on Viscosity at Elevated Protein Concentrations-Chem 207,21-29, (2015) -G.Barnett, W.Qi, S.Amin, E.N.Lewis & C.J. Roberts- Collaboration with University of Delaware
    4. Protein Aggregation, Particle Formation, Characterization & Rheology-Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science – 9 (5), 438-449 (2014)-Amin*, G.Barnett, C.Roberts, J.Pathak & P.Sarangapani(Invited Review Article-Lead & Corresponding author)-2nd Most Downloaded Article in Journal-Collaboration between Malvern Biosciences, Medimmune & University of Delaware
    5. Combined Dynamic Light Scattering and Raman Spectroscopy Approach for Characterizing the Aggregation of Therapeutic Proteins-Molecules-19(12), 20888-20905 (2014)-E.N.Lewis, W.Qi, L.H.Kidder, S.Amin, S.M.Kenyon, S.Blake
    6. Detection of viscoelasticity in aggregating dilute protein solutions through dynamic light scattering-based optical microrheology-Rheologica Acta, 51, 329-342 (2012), S.Amin*, C.Rega, H.Jankevicks (Lead & Corresponding author)

     Cosmetics and Consumer Goods Publications

    19.  Materials Today-2009-12 (9), 44-46 -Expert System Rheometry-Samiul Amin*, Steve Carrington.

    20. Cosmetics Business 17 March 2011-Testing-Taking Rheological Control- -  Samiul Amin, Stephen Carrington, John Duffy

    21. Personal Care Asia Pacific-July, 2009 Issue Expert System Rheometry Provides Optimum Rules-Samiul Amin, Steve Carrington, John Duffy

  • Professional Experience and Memberships


    Executive Steering Committee Member-AAPS Committee on Protein Aggregation & Biological Consequences May 2014-November 2015

    Committee Member Royal Society of Chemistry/Society of Chemical Industry (UK) Joint Colloid Committee-June 2008-January 2013

    Member of SOFTCOMP EU Network of Excellence ( June 2008-January 2012

    Research Area 2 Leader New European Softmatter Infrastructure (ESMI) Project (successful EU FP7 Funding) June 2010-January 2012.

    Editorial Board Journal of Biophysical Chemistry-May 2014-Present

    Committee Member-Conferences Committee-Engineering Conferences International (ECI)

    President Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society) Baltimore Alumni Chapter- May 2015-November 2015





    Chair-Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Advances in Cosmetic Formulation Design, Durham, North Carolina, USA, July 2018


    Chair-Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Colloidal, Macromolecular & Biological Gels, Hernstein, Austria, 2016 (

    Chair-Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Biological & Pharmaceutical Complex Fluids II, Durham,North Carolina, USA, Aug 11-Aug 15, 2014 (

    Chair-Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Biological & Pharmaceutical Complex Fluids:New Trends in Characterizing Microstructure, Interaction & Properties Conference-Tomar, Portugal, July 30-Aug 3, 2012, (

    Chair-Characterization of Complex Fluids & Colloids Session-RSC/SCI UK Multiday Colloid Meeting, July 3-6, 2011 (

    Chair-Self-Assembly Track-BIT Nano S&T World Congress, Dalian, China, Oct 2011

    Chair-Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Association in Solution II Conference-Tomar, Portugal, July 26-30, 2009 (