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About Us

The faculty are supportive and always willing to help you explore research opportunities and career paths. You are encouraged to pursue co-curricular activities by conducting research with our faculty, participating in competitions in the New York City area or helping design sustainable solutions in developing nations. As an chemical engineering student, you will also benefit from the network of successful alumni who often return to campus to mentor and recruit future engineers.

Meet a Chemical Engineering Major: MD Azim

A native of Bangladesh, chemical engineering major MD Azim was inspired by his experiences to pursue pharmaceutical engineering and help provide medicine and healthcare for people who need it.

Our Programs

The Chemical Engineering Department combines mathematics, advanced chemistry and engineering principles to design, develop and operate industrial processes to create a variety of products, from fuels and solvents to medicines and cosmetics. The department offers:

  • Chemical engineering - B.S.: The undergraduate chemical engineering program focuses on time in the lab, where you’ll use classroom skills to experiment in traditional and emerging technologies.
  • Chemical engineering - M.S.: The graduate chemical engineering program gives you the chance to hone and focus the skills gained in your undergraduate studies and further prepare for professional work in the industry. You may also choose a concentration in cosmetic engineering or petroleum engineering.
    • M.S. option in cosmetic engineering: This program prepares students for a variety of roles in the cosmetic and consumer industries, ranging from process engineering to product development and research and development.
    • M.S. option in petroleum engineering: This program will give you a competitive advantage in the petroleum industry, covering topics in the refining, fuels, natural gas mining and processing, and petrochemical industries.