Manhattan College To Host Financial Literacy Day

O’Malley School of Business faculty are aiming to bridge financial gaps for high school and college students.

Finance students at laptop in labAmira Annabi and Aileen Farrelly, two Manhattan College faculty members in the O’Malley School of Business, are hosting a full-day financial literacy workshop on campus on Saturday, January 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in room 4C of the Kelly Student Commons. 

The free event is open to high school students and their parents, and the entire Manhattan College community. 

The day will be full of activities and games that will raise awareness about the importance of early personal financial management. More specifically, the workshop will focus on budgeting, student loans and banking accounts. Lunch and snacks will be served.  

“Upon graduation from high school, young adults become more and more responsible for their personal finances and make their first crucial decisions like student loan management and personal expenses,” said Farrelly, an assistant dean and professor of accounting, CIS, and law at Manhattan College. “These financial choices become more complicated once they graduate from college as they now need to face mortgage payments, student loan repayments, and saving for retirement.”

In light of a lack of formal financial literacy classes in early education, Annabi and Farrelly’s research has shown that young adults are unprepared when it comes to fundamental personal finance concepts.

The workshop comes as a result of a grant Manhattan College received from the New American Colleges and Universities. Annabi and Farrelly ultimately plan to pursue the creation of a Center for Financial Literacy on campus that benefits Manhattan students and the wider Bronx community. 

“We believe our school’s location, near one of the poorest Congressional districts in America, along with its Lasallian mission, makes it an ideal candidate for a financial literacy center, designed to serve not only its students but also the surrounding underserved community,” said Annabi, an assistant professor of economics and finance at Manhattan College.

In addition to launching a financial literacy initiative, the faculty hope to create an online platform with resources that will benefit both of their communities and potentially lead to additional financial literacy projects among other NAC&U institutions.

This event will take place in room 4C of the Kelly Student Commons on Saturday, January 25.

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By Pete McHugh