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Mentor Program

mentor and mentee studentThe Mentor Program is one of Manhattan College’s most popular and successful career development programs. As a participant, you will be matched with a professional mentor (often a Manhattan College alum) who works in your intended industry or career, and you will spend the year learning about opportunities within the field. Aside from required orientations, a meet-and-greet and an end-of-year dinner, all activities are up to the mentor and mentee.

 Scheduled activities typically include:

  • shadowing your mentor at his/her workplace
  • reviewing your resume
  • participating in a mock interview
  • discussing career goals, job expectations and employment trends
  • attending a networking event
  • taking a company tour
  • contributing to a company project
  • attending a company meeting
  • participating in a professional development workshop together

The Mentor Program is also an excellent way for alumni to give back to Manhattan College and have a positive impact on younger Jaspers.

How to Join

  • Students from the Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Education and Health, and Science can apply to the Mentor Program during their freshman and sophomore years to participate as sophomores and juniors.
  • Engineering students can apply during their summer orientation and participate as freshmen.
  • Pre-professional majors (pre-health and pre-law) can participate during sophomore or junior year.
  • Transfer students are welcome to participate regardless of class standing.

Professionals and alumni are also welcome to apply to be mentors.

To learn more and apply, contact:

Career Development
(718) 862-7224