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Cru - an interdenominational Christian parachurch organization

The mission of Cru is to give students group of students in the clubthe opportunity to meet Jesus as a source of hope and peace for their lives. We want to show students that Jesus was not just some character in a story or a “nice guy,” but that he is all that he claimed to be. He is God, and He is concerned with all aspects of our lives, wanting to have a relationship with each of us.

Cru tries to create an environment of people of all faith backgrounds, including none at all, who can all talk freely about their lives, their goals, fears, challenges, and beliefs. It is an environment to meet new people who may have different world views and have conversation. Cru gives students a place to discuss the difficult questions that sometimes get ignored (ie. What is my purpose?)

Cru hosts a weekly Life Group discussion on campus. The time, day and location is arranged by the Cru leaders each semester to best fit the schedules of recurrent attenders. There are several fun events and trips on and off campus that Cru sets up for students to participate in. These events are established by the Cru leaders each semester.

How to Join

To learn more about Cru, check out our Instagram page @manhattancollegecru or reach out to us at